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Living room sofas

Wherever you live, in a house or an apartment, you need space to relax and recuperate after a hard day’s work. Sofas are one of the most popular types of lounge furniture, providing a high level of comfort. They work well where you cannot spare the room for a corner sofa.

A couch made for you

At ELTAP we manufacture sofas from first-class materials, with the highest attention to every detail. Our sofas are stylish and last for years thanks to the very high quality finish. Contributing to their long life is the strong upholstery fabrics we use, along with modern folding mechanisms, continuous springs, and robust legs available in chrome or in wood. Thanks to this our avant-garde sofas will remain indispensable for any interior for many years to come. The careful and robust construction makes it very simple to fold in and out, easy to care for, and extremely durable.
Our range has furniture for you which is exceptional in every regard. Their amazing comfort aside, our sofas form a decorative element of any living room. With the broad selection of colour and design options, there is lounge furniture to perfectly suit any living room or bedroom. Sofa beds are an excellent choice, especially for small bedrooms and other spaces. One of the highlights of our furniture is the easy folding system. We also offer a selection of sofa beds that feature integrated bedlinen storage. Thanks to this, you can free up space for other things in your closets and chests. Selected models are available with decorative cushions in colours to match the upholstery. Among this array of choice options you can easily find something perfect for any room.

How to choose the right sofa for your home

Choosing a sofa can be challenging, with no small dilemma involved. The multitude of models available on the market is dazzling, which makes the choice very difficult It is important to focus on a number of significant criteria and to know what you are really seeking. The size of a sofa is very important, as it should match the space you can spare for it. The intended function and expected use you expect from it form the second most important criterion. A sofa is an essential element of creating a place to relax, but it can also provide additional space for sleeping, if required. Decide whether it will be used for everyday relaxation or whether it needs to double as a bed. Another major element to consider is the level of modernity, so that there are no unfortunate clashes in the style of your interior. The appearance is dependent on the materials, design, style and colours, all of which should match your preferences. ELTAP is about merging convenience in furniture with modern design. Browse our extensive range for details.