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Continental beds

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There is growing interest in continental boxspring beds. The frame is intended to blend in with the mattress, giving the bed a fluent and harmonious design. Until recently, it was common to equate such beds with 5-star hotels and expensive condos, synonymous with luxury and refinement in design. This type of bed is ideal for large bedrooms as well as small teenager’s rooms. They are becoming a popular choice for anyone seeking unique and highly functional beds, where the high aesthetic values help make the buying decision easier. With affordable pricing, everyone can enjoy sleeping on this item of luxury. Our continental boxspring beds have great style, are highly convenient and are incredibly comfortable to sleep on. The striking design and beautiful trim make them great choices.

Continental boxspring or regular beds

A boxspring bed is noticeably taller than other types of bed. This feature gives them a stately look and make them more convenient to use, as it makes getting up from one much easier. They have a robust structure with a sturdy upholstered base, a tall, upholstered headboard, plus a mattress. This type of bed usually consists of one multi-layer or even two mattresses: the main and the top mattress. Based on a highly resilient foam, the mattress is very comfortable, conforms to the body, and safely supports the spine while sleeping. A huge advantage of a boxspring bed is the even displacement of the mattress springs under the pressure of the body. The mattress rests on a series of slats, where the space below ensures good circulation of air, which helps keep the bed clean, and mould and moisture-free. Our continental boxspring beds are entirely upholstered with fabrics, faux leather or genuine leather. This provides a very stylish and modern finish.

Advantages of a boxspring bed in the bedroom

While this type of bed does not seem to vary, this is merely because they share a common appearance. There are a number of types, which we need to know about so we can make the best choice. Available in a range of sizes, they are suitable for large and small rooms. Their primary feature is superior comfort, thanks to the carefully designed height, usually between 60 and 70 cm from the floor. The tall headboard is also beneficial by providing a good support for the spine when in the sitting or reclining position. The overall form of a boxspring bed is very appealing and highly aesthetic, complete with superior design and styling and high quality finish, sure to be a showpiece for your bedroom. The first-class materials are extremely durable, thanks to which you can enjoy your bed for many years. It should be no surprise that boxspring beds are increasing in popularity, and not just among the owners of luxury apartments, hotels and private homes.