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Carpets – the ultimate coziness of interior
When you think of your ideal apartment, you certainly have an elegant set of furniture in mind. Perhaps you also imagine the color of the walls or even the decorations placed on the furniture. And what about the floor? You shouldn’t forget about it, either!
You can't let your loved ones suffer because of the cold floor - in such situations, its fluffiness itself comes into action, i.e. stylish carpet! Nice and cozy, it will easily make you forget about the cold for good. Fortunately, the most beautiful models can be found in the ELTAP online store.

What’s the best rug for the living room? 
How to choose the right rug for your living room? First of all, the rug should match a given type and color of the floor. A contrasting solution will be a good idea: if your panels are dark, it is better to choose a bright carpet. And if the floor is in brighter shade, a grey rug will be perfect for it!
The second thing you need to consider is, of course, the furniture. Neutral spaces full of minimalist furniture kept in one color will undoubtedly benefit a lot from the presence of patterned accessories. Therefore, in such a situation, choose a round rug covered with bold, e.g. floral or abstract motifs. And what if the furniture is the focus of attention? Then the perfect choice will be a uniform carpet that effectively tones down the surrounding decor.

Modern rugs. Comfort and…? 
The most popular type of rug is undoubtedly the short-pile model. Users appreciate it because of its fashionable appearance and the ability to keep it clean without any problems. It is enough to pass the surface of the rug with a vacuum cleaner, and wash it from time to time with a special shampoo to be able to enjoy the aesthetical indoors.
However, if you are looking for something different, shaggy rug deserves your attention. This is a proposition that stands out with its shaggy, dense fleece. No wonder that its surface will be extremely pleasant for feet! On top of that, the room will definitely become more cozy and noticeably warmer.
Do you value solutions inspired by nature? In that case, a boho rug will definitely find a place in your apartment for good. Regardless of whether it is a product braided from natural fabrics or it’s a beige carpet, its presence will fill the room with a pleasantly idyllic atmosphere. The neutral character of such rug will perfectly fit in not only with the decor of a modern boho space, but also it will add some coherence to a whole range of interior design styles.

Bedroom rug – because your home is more than just a living room
The first rays of the sun gently fall on your face. You open your eyes and you made it! You woke up on your own before your alarm clock. You take off the duvet, outside the window the birds are singing merrily, and you... put your bare feet on the cold floor. And all the magic is gone.
It is definitely better to prevent such situations by furnishing your bedroom with a soft and fluffy carpet. This element will not only nicely bind and complete your decor, but also - and perhaps above all - protect you from contact with unpleasant cold floor. In addition, it will gently make the room silent, making evening rest much more pleasant.

Rugs for children – add some joy to the room space of your kids 
A children's rug should definitely be laid down in your offspring's room. It has long been known that the youngest members of the family simply love to spend their time on the floor. Therefore, provide them with a comfortably safe space so that they can practice children's yoga in peace, lie down on their belly while drawing or just walk around without slippers for a while.
Carpets placed in a strategic place - especially if their surface is covered with colorful, cheerful patterns - are also a great way to enliven the whole decor. So if your child's furniture is more versatile, and therefore less expressive, the carpet in her or his room will add a personal touch to the entire arrangement.