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ELTAP is constantly expanding its offer: now you will find modern rugs for your living room!
Elegant floor? With the collection of beautiful rugs from ELTAP it’s possible!
Please note! The ELTAP offer is now enriched by stylish Gomsi corner sofa with sleeping function!
How about modern design and classic boucle fabric? Gomsi corner is a truly explosive mix!
Do you love convenience? The Dalia corner sofa joins the already beloved collection today!
A hit from ELTAP - the Dalia sofa bed in a new, refreshed version of the corner sofa
A novelty for all lovers of good style - Foble Corner Sofa Bed!
What will happen when we combine a fashionable look with the highest quality of workmanship and irreplaceable comfort? There can be only one answer: the original Foble corner sofa bed!
Novelty from ELTAP - upholstered panels onto your wall!
Accessories that are both functional and stylish? Take a look at the wall panels from ELTAP! Already in our offer.
2022 is slowly fading into oblivion - welcome 2023 with ELTAP!
We would like to thank all our Customers, Distributors and Suppliers for being with ELTAP in 2022. We are grateful for your trust and wish you fruitful contacts in 2023.
Come, paint my world, that is another series on the ELTAP blog!
What do the different colours mean? What colours match a modern interior? Find out the answers in a new series of articles that reveal the secrets hidden by colours!
A new series of articles on the ELTAP blog is about to be launched!
What is the difference between different upholstery materials? You will find out in our new series about furniture fabrics!
Integrating and socialising at ELTAP, or what do we do after work?
Do team building events make sense? At ELTAP for sure, because a well-coordinated team is an effective team!
ELTAP Newsletter - information, bargains and more!
Join the ELTAP newsletter and receive a PLN 50 discount on your purchases!
Arti armchair from ELTAP for a school library
Our comfortable upholstered Arti armchair has complemented the furnishings in a newly created school library at Wierzchlas.
A novelty from ELTAP - Noble – a modern corner sofa
Modern, but also stylish and elegant? This is our latest upholstered piece of furniture! The Noble corner sofa bed is recommended for living rooms.
ELTAP Facebook Competition
A unique competition on the ELTAP Facebook profile! You can win designer pouffes and a lounge chair right from an upholstered furniture manufacturer. We cordially invite you to participate!
Chaise lounges from ELTAP
Looking for an original piece of furniture on which you could regain strength and have a little rest from everyday routine? Do you have any free space nearby a classical sofa or an armchair? You should choose a chaise lounge.
Laurence Couch already in our offer
Laurence Couch is nothing else but a combination of comfort, style design and exceptional aesthetics. Recently, in ELTAP’s offer!.
ELTAP – Star of the Furniture Industry
During the summer holidays, our commercial was broadcast on TV, and now we would like to present the prize for participating in this project! ELTAP with the Star of the Furniture Industry.
How to choose a corner sofa with a sleeping function? - We suggest…
That is a question! Which corner sofa with a sleeping function will be the best and how to make a decision so as not to regret it later? We write about it in our ELTAP blog post.
What are
We continue our cycle on the properties of fabrics available at ELTAP. This time a few words about "Easy Clean" fabrics.
What are Pet Friendly fabrics?
At ELTAP, we have a range of Pet Friendly fabrics that help minimize the impact of pets on lounge furniture
Trends in furniture colours for 2022
Grey, black or maybe blue? How to match the colour and structure of the sofa to our interior.
The new Arti and Vivien armchairs will complete your space!
Arti and Vivien are new to our offer! A comfortable armchair for the living room, where you can relax at any free moment, is a dream of many people!
Discover the new arrival! Mirabel boxspring bed
If you need a large and chic bed as the centrepiece of your living room, choose the Mirabel boxspring bed!
New arrival! Selene couch!
Looking for a couch offering the kind of relaxation of your dreams, yet adding a homely and refined element? The Selene couch is nothing short of perfection in this regard.
Our new catalogues are here!
See the latest catalogues with all our products! Browse them to explore our latest product range and detailed features.
3 x Boxspring! Amber, Florence, and Glossy. New arrivals!
Soft, highly functional, and spacious beds. Meet the three new arrivals for your bedroom.
Torrense – Corner sleeping sofa with pouffe seat
If you prefer modern and fashionable trends, then the Torrense corner sofa with a standalone pouffe seat could be a great addition to your living room.
#GaszynChallenge – we’re helping!
The #GaszynChallenge is a generous campaign which has taken the hearts and souls of people across Poland.
Choose the Kairos corner sofa to round off your perfect living room!
Enjoy your living space, made highly convenient with the Kairos corner sofa.