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Sofa Silla

Sofa Silla
Sofa SillaNube 04 szary
Sofa Silla
Sofa Silla Nube 04 szary
Sofa Silla
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Sofa Silla
Sofa Silla Nube 04 szary
Sofa Silla
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Sofa Silla
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Sofa Silla
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Sofa Silla
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Sofa Silla
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Silla Couch

Furniture should meet two main aspects - it should be beautiful and comfortable, and at the same time provide us with luxury every day. The Silla couch is a complete piece of furniture - comfortable, stylish and beautiful. Silla is a charming piece of furniture that is the perfect place for family, friends or acquaintances. You can rest, relax and regain strength on it. Its unique design, refined down to the smallest detail, fits both classic and modern interiors. Due to the fact that the couch has an upholstered back, it can be placed anywhere, not necessarily against the wall. Modern design and fashionable style are the features that describe the Silla couch.


Silla upholstered couch - a modern variety

This comfortable and stylish multifunctional couch bed will match the decor of any living room. Equipped with a spacious storage compartment for bedding and a bed function that can be folded out with the DL mechanism, with dimensions of 200 x 145 centimetres, it provides additional space to sleep. It turns out that the Silla couch is the perfect space-saving solution, because there is no need to inflate the mattress or bring an extra bed to the living room when you want to spend the night. All you need to do is unfold the couch and you're all set. In addition, a hidden compartment under the seat is also a good option for a minimalist version of furniture in the living room. With the multi-functional Silla couch, you can get a fantastic addition to your home and use it for a variety of purposes. The dimensions of the couch allow it to be freely placed in a spacious guest room, office or living room: 260 x 104 x 96 centimetres. Have a cup of coffee or read a book during the day or get a good night's sleep by choosing just one piece of furniture, the Silla couch.


Soft landing with the Silla couch

The silicone down, which is placed in the backrest cushions of the Silla couch, is a bull's eye. This solution provides exceptional comfort as the piece of furniture becomes even more comfortable, soft and enveloping. The HR foam used in the seat is another great choice - its high elasticity allows it to fit the body properly and supports a healthy spine. In addition, it is resistant to deformation and damage. The long life of the furniture is also ensured by the multipocket spring - separating the springs from each other increases the comfort of using the couch. What's more, the movable cushions on the backrest can be improved at any time, giving them the desired shape. Best of all, the Silla upholstered couch is available in a wide range of colours to suit your home. If you want to complement the interior design, choose a matching Silla pouf.

  • Container for bedding
  • Sleep function
  • Upholstered back
  • DL unfolding mechanism
  • Wave spring
  • Silicone down in the backrest cushions
  • Seat filled with highly flexible HR foam
  • The product is available in a wide range of colours of fabrics from the ELTAP collection
  • Also available: matching pouf and Silla corner sofa

Couch width: 260 cm

Couch depth: 104 cm

Couch height, with cushions: 96 cm

Seat depth: 60/80 cm

Seat height: 45 cm

Leg height: 2 cm

Sleeping area: 200x145x45 cm