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Seat pouffes - an inconspicuous addition that will change your interior
When we think about an elegantly arranged living room, we usually imagine a stylish corner sofa, a soft armchair and an original coffee table. Pouffes rarely appear in our minds. And that's a big mistake! All because of their inconspicuous form, which makes them extremely easy to miss. Our homes are losing a lot of money on it. It is worth remembering that these small pieces of furniture have great potential that allows them to effectively change the face of the entire arrangement. Take a look at the collection of pouffes from ELTAP and you will quickly find a way to build an original interior!

Pouffes for the room, i.e. a multitude of applications
A pouffe is a piece of furniture that is truly universal. First of all, it will work as a comfortable footrest that allows your legs to rest. Imagine the moment when you come home tired after a long day of work. You sit on the couch, cover yourself with a fluffy blanket, start an episode of the series and ... stretch your legs out in front of you to be wrapped in a soft pouffe with a storage compartment. Pleasant, isn't it? You will quickly notice how the tension accumulated over many hours begins to fade!

Pouffes for the living room will be great as an attractive decoration. You can use them as a colorful counterpoint to subdued furniture, which will enliven the interior of the room and get rid of the boredom lurking in the corners. The opposite treatment will also be sensational here: reaching for the potential of bright pouffes with a storage compartment which soften the atmosphere of the entire composition! So if you like furniture with expressive or patterned upholstery, remember to complement it with a neutral pouffe. Give free rein to your creativity and allow yourself to arrange arrangement experiments!

Round pouffes in various sizes and colors will look beautiful placed on a fluffy carpet. You can additionally complete them with a low coffee table to conjure up a cozy corner for chatting with friends. And if in such an environment there is an additional bean bag - or several such pouffes - then you can also invite the youngest members of the household to spend time together! So pull out the puzzles and put together a fantasy picture or play a game of your favorite board game. Thanks to the proximity to the floor, the possibilities are endless! 

A large pouffe helps with make-up
The perfect preparation of a cat's eye requires the right conditions. First of all, you need the right lighting to see every inch of your face. Equally important is the functional console that allows you to keep the necessary accessories within reach. What about a place to sit? A practical pouffe for the dressing table will be a comfortable seat! Its exceptional softness means that even half an hour spent on one eye will not become too tiring for you! In addition, after finishing work, you can easily hide it under the table top or put it next to the bed to make it an attractive decoration.

Pouffes for children, i.e. a toddler-friendly interior
Composing a room for a toddler is a real joy. However, this process often requires us to focus and think carefully, so that the obtained effects meet the needs of a fussy child. ball So a beanbag pouffe will be a good choice! The special granulate used in the filling makes the product highly flexible. Your child can shape it in any way, e.g. spread it flat or create a kind of armchair out of it. Thanks to this, the toddler will be happy - and in comfort! – it will spend time on its tasks.

Or maybe your offspring has special interests? For a football lover, a ball pouffe is recommended, which will undoubtedly steal his heart! A little princess will appreciate flower-shaped products, and a frisky troublemaker will like a banana-shaped pouffe! Take a look at the ELTAP offer, and the multitude of proposals for toddler will certainly surprise you!

A pouffe for the hallway - how to arrange a small space?
Narrow spaces have their own rules. However, that doesn't mean you can't be a little crazy in them. A grey pouffe will be a good compromise! An additional seat is useful when putting shoes on and will provide the necessary comfort for elderly guests visiting you. The minimalist character of the grey pouffe allows you to easily incorporate it into various arrangements: from Scandinavian, through modern, to industrial. The minimalist shape and small dimensions do not burden the other parts of the arrangement and facilitate the selection of other furniture, e.g. a shoe cabinet or a functional console. So, browse the range of ELTAP hall pouffes and get inspired!