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Living room corner sofas

It is hard to imagine a living room without a comfortable corner sofa. It is something which works well in large and small living rooms alike, allowing you to manage the floor space effectively. A corner sofa is a great place to unwind and relax after a hard day. You can easily sit or recline on one. It is perfect for enjoying an afternoon cup of coffee, or having a chat with family or friends. The construction of a corner sofa means that it fits most interior settings, as it takes up much less room than traditional lounge suites comprising sofas and armchairs. This frees up more floor space for other furnishings. Living room corner sofas vary in shape and direction. Our catalogue features L-shaped and U-shaped corner sofas, and most are available in left and right-hand versions.

Beyond mere functionality

Our range includes modern corner sofas intended to provide you with more than mere functionality. A corner sofa is a central showpiece for the room. Made of superior quality materials, they boast modern designs and lines, in a wide palette of colour options and refined styling. Among the models in our range, you can find both classic and modern designs. This extensive range helps you choose the right corner sofa for you to build a perfect spot on which to lounge and relax. With their robust construction corner sofas are built to last, while the upholstery materials are easy to clean. Most of us browse through the available choices and wonder where we can find the right corner sofa for us. Our catalogue allows you to choose from a number of colour options, which is very extensive to help you easily match your choice to the style of your room. Our upholstered furniture stands out with its large seating areas, easy to operate folding mechanisms and spacious bedlinen storage. Most of the corner sofas we offer are sleepers, which are easily converted to make a bed for overnight guests. They are available in a range of sizes so you can find the perfect one to satisfy your preferences and constraints.

How do you choose the right corner sofa? Where can you buy it?

The size of the corner sofa should be appropriate to the room in which you want it. Large living rooms with plenty of space can easily accommodate U-shaped sofas. They are considerably bigger than L-shaped sofas, and provide plenty of space for many people. In a small living room, a corner sofa optimises the use of the space, a commodity you cannot easily spare. When choosing a corner sofa, look for one upholstered with a fabric which goes best with modern interiors, is pleasant to the touch and very resistant to wear and tear. If you go with faux or genuine leather upholstery, you can enjoy a superbly refined corner sofa which is very easy to clean and brings a stately ambiance to the room. The variety of styles and sizes in our range help you in selecting the ideal sofa for your living room, to create a great place where you can rest and relax, a major piece of your interior furnishing. Browse our product range for more details.