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Mattresses for beds

We spend an average of 8 hours per night in bed, almost 1/3 of our lifetime. A good mattress is key to healthy sleeping and regeneration of the body during the night. It is critical that it meets our needs. It defines our level of comfort and quality of sleep. A good mattress conforms perfectly to the body, depending on both the temperature and the loads we place on it. In this way it facilitates our mental and physical relaxation. Another very important function it has is of protecting the spine, contributing to its good health.
The mattress should both meet our preferences and fit our bed. ELTAP, a furniture maker, answers all these expectation by providing different types of mattresses in a range of sizes.

Mattress types

Bonnell spring mattress: these are usually soft and have a low point resilience. Their primary advantage is that they are not expensive, making them a cost effective choice.
Foam mattresses: these conform well to our anatomical features and reduce the pressure on the muscles to help them relax.
Latex foam mattresses: very durable and are of good quality. The resilience and rigid construction ensure a high level of healthy sleep.
Multipocket mattresses: these feature a high number of springs, improving the point resilience.
Pocket mattresses: the construction features pockets, with each containing a spring surrounded by a layer of stuffing. The more pockets a mattress has, the higher its level of quality.
Thermoelastic foam mattresses: the most technologically advanced type, comprising a layer of thermoelastic foam which reacts to our body temperature. Health-wise, they are the best choice.
Toppers: an overlay for mattresses. Depending on the stuffing, the topper can improve the mattress performance and firmness, to closer fit your needs.

Which should you choose?

When looking for a perfect mattress, you should first check out its parameters. One aspect is the price, often the main argument for the customer. If you simply need a cheap mattress, choose a Bonnell spring one. If you can afford a mattress of higher quality, choose one offering more features. A good mattress should conform to the anatomic curvature of the human body, so look for one with a good point resilience. A mattress should neither be too hard nor too soft. There are mattresses with 3 or even 7 firmness zones, which are good for people who weigh over 70 kg. Another important aspect is the mattress size, expressed in length, width and height. Carefully measure the bed for which you intend buying the mattress. The mattress height is important, as it can greatly contribute to the quality of sleep. Mattresses are usually 12-25 cm high. The higher, the better. The last important aspect involves the essential certificates and approvals. They enhance the value of the warranty, a very important aspect for something so important. Choosing a mattress is a personal matter. When in the market for one, first consider your body frame, expectations and preferences.