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Everyone deserves a moment to relax after a hard day’s work. There is nothing better than to sprawl on a comfy couch or in a soft lounge chair. Couches and chairs like this are most often bought for living rooms, but they work just as well in rooms for teenagers as well as for bedrooms.
Comfortable lounge chairs in your living room guarantee ideal relaxation after a hard day. They are among the most popular types of lounge furniture, combining functionality and colour options, certainly with enough choice that anyone can find something that suits their interior style. Upholstered chairs are great for watching television or reading a book, and simply to enjoy quality time with family or friends.
The lounge chairs in the ELTAP catalogue are manufactured from superior materials, allowing them to maintain their shape over many years of use.

What should you look for when buying lounge chairs?

Everyone wants their new chairs to blend in perfectly with the living room and have all the functionalities that one could want. While comfort is key, it is not the only criterion in making a great choice.

There are several important aspects you need to bear in mind when in the market for good lounge chairs. Ergonomics is a primary and crucial feature, defining what types of features to consider first. With that ticked off your list, the remaining features depend on your personal preferences, such as the shape and level of padding. How you intend to use it is also important. There is one set of requirements for a work chair and another for a lounge chair. It is essential to understand the upholstery material and filling of the padding. The next step on you journey is to choose the upholstery colour, one that matches the overall interior ambiance. The last criterion you should evaluate is the product price. It is a good idea to invest in the best choice possible, considering both your comfort and health.

Lounge chairs not just for the living room

They work well in more than just living rooms, and can be found in good office spaces and smaller rooms. Modern, streamlined armchairs which somewhat resemble regular chairs are very popular. Fold-out chairs are a good choice for small rooms, as they do not take up much space and can be converted into beds if needed.

We understand that comfort matters. This is why at ELTAP we have developed a range of lounge chairs designed to meet different needs. Browse our catalogue and see the colour options that allow your new furniture to blend in with your interior design.