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Sofa Laurence

Sofa Laurence
Sofa LaurenceNube 45 miodowy
Sofa Laurence
Sofa Laurence Nube 45 miodowy
Sofa Laurence
Sofa Laurence Nube 45 miodowy
Sofa Laurence
Sofa Laurence Nube 45 miodowy
Sofa Laurence
Sofa Laurence Nube 35 butelkowa zieleń
Sofa Laurence
Sofa Laurence Nube 20 piaskowy
Sofa Laurence
Sofa Laurence Nube 33 oliwkowy
Sofa Laurence
Sofa Laurence Nube 04 szary
Sofa Laurence
Sofa Laurence Monolith 79 ciemny grafit

Laurence Sofa Bed
Are you ready for a change in the living room but not sure where to start from? We present a recipe for a quick makeover of a living room. All you need to do is choose a sofa bed that will delight you, your family and guests. After entering the living room, nothing focuses your eyesight as much as a piece of furniture. After all, it is the living room king! A moment is enough to completely change the interior layout and its character. A simple replacement of a sofa or corner sofa allows you to transform the room into a completely new room. Our proposal for a living room metamorphosis is the Laurence sofa bed.


Laurence Sofa Bed - a stylish friend of salons
The Laurence sofa bed has a solid structure and a wooden frame that rests on tapered, oblique, metal, chrome legs, which gives the effect of glamour and classic beauty with a touch of modernity. Wrapped in elegant fabrics from the ELTAP collection, the sofa bed is filled with HR and T30 foams, and is also supported by solid wave springs, type B, which ensure an optimal sense of comfort. The Laurence sofa bed brings lightness and elegance to the interior. The classic shape of the furniture is broken by stitching and clearly emphasized division of the furniture into three places in the seat. All this makes our upholstered furniture look stylish and elegant no matter where you put it. It is sure to become a hit with both friends and family visiting the house. The Laurence sofa is the perfect choice for small rooms, where there is no option to insert a corner sofa, because its dimensions are: 261x97x75 centimetres. The height of the legs allows you to clean under the sofa bed with modern cleaning robots, because it is 9 cm. Another great idea applied to the Laurence sofa bed is the feature of three movable headrests. Thanks to this solution, you can rest comfortably and not worry about uncomfortable body position. This convertible sofa bed looks elegant and aesthetic. Its modern design will make a great impression and add style to your living space.

Laurence Sofa Bed – a comfortable sleeping function
Our Laurence convertible sofa bed turns into a double bed that is perfect for transforming any interior into a guest room. When unfolding the sofa bed, the puma plus system was used, which consists in lifting the seat up and lowering it forward. At the same time, a second sleeping surface automatically slides out from under the seat. The mechanism is very practical and easy to use. The advantage of the puma plus mechanism is also the lack of fear of damaging the floor while unfolding and folding the sofa. This is due to the fact that additional legs are hidden, which will not scratch the parquet or damage the carpet when the furniture is opened. The structure is very light and uncomplicated, so almost everyone should be able to set it up. The sleeping area, which is 199 x 136 cm, allows two people to sleep peacefully. The Laurence sofa bed, available in a range of upholstery colours, is a stylish and practical home accessory.

Sleep function
Upholstered back
Puma plus unfolding mechanism
Product available in all colours from the ELTAP fabric collection
Type B wave spring
Three movable headrests
Seat filled with highly flexible HR foam and T30 foam
Backrest filled with T25 foam
Laurence corner sofa bed also available in the offer

Couch width: 261 cm
Couch depth: 97 cm
Sofa height: 75/105 cm
Seat depth: 61 cm
Seat height: 45 cm
Backrest height: 30/45 cm
Leg height: 9 cm
Sleeping area: 199x136 cm