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Chaise longue


Add some serious style to your living spaces with this elegant chaise longue. This trendy furniture is a convenient alternative to traditional sofas, armchairs and chairs. Interior designers and freedom lovers admire their long, arched backrest and the elevation of space for legs and feet. Chaise longues work well in most rooms, from the study to the library, from the living room to the bedroom.

Bored with traditional seats? Bet on a chaise longue!

Do you feel a deep need to refresh your living space? If you are looking for a way to add style and sophistication to your home decor, choose from the great selection of ELTAP chaise lounges. Whether you are adding extra space to your living room or want to furnish a quiet reading corner, a soft, elegant chaise longue is just the accessory you are looking for. Available with many different fabrics, this chaise longue will delight your interior.


The main difference between a chaise longue for a living room and a traditional sofa is the backrest. Daybeds usually have a backrest of equal height along the shorter side of the seat, much like a standard chair. Sofas usually have a backrest that runs along the long side of the seat.

Now that we've figured out the fundamental difference between a chaise longue and a sofa, it's time to consider why a chaise longue might be the best option for your home:

1) A chaise longue can make a small room seem bigger

If you only have a small living space, a backless chaise longue can make the room appear larger. The chaise longue in the center of the room has little visual significance and will look more graceful than a large sofa.

2) Chaise lounges are extremely versatile

Sometimes the standard sofa just doesn't fit. If you have an unusual shape, finding the right furniture for your living room can be a mystery. Chaise lounges for the living room are a hassle-free way to solve this puzzle while maintaining a serious style.

3) A chaise longue will not disturb the view of your interior

Chaise lounges are usually quite low. This means that they won't interfere with your field of view and can be used in front of major points such as windows, fireplaces or arches, without compromising other components of the room.

Tips for styling a chaise longue

Combination with other furniture

Are you looking for a smaller sofa or a double sofa bed? A chaise longue can be a great choice. It will give you a place to rest if you feel like it. In addition, it will not take up as much space as a traditional combination of an armchair and a footrest. A chaise longue is also a good idea for smaller living rooms if you don't want a full-size sofa to take up all the space. Adding a chaise longue can make a room cozier while also providing additional seating for guests. For spaces that are too small even for a small sofa, a chaise longue may be an ideal alternative. Chaise lounges are much less spacious, but offer plenty of space for one or two people to sit comfortably. This can be considered if you have a small apartment or want to add space to a guest room or home office.


Place the chaise longue next to the sofa

If the room allows, you can use the chaise longue to complement other furniture, such as a simple sofa. Guests may appreciate the option of sitting in a seat other than a sofa. It also makes it easier to entertain a group of guests as everyone can sit down and see the other people in the group - instead of sitting on the same sofa and having to look around to chat with friends.