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Furniture accessories

The living room is the most important place in your home. It is a place where you relax and spend a large share of your day, so achieving a good design for the room is crucial. When fitting out your living room, focus on your individual needs, so that you can to enjoy a result that fully meets your expectations, somewhere you feel special. Accessories deserve special attention, as they can bring unique and strong accents into our interior setting. Our range includes accessories for your furnishings, to make your living room a little bit different.

Coffee tables

Coffee tables in the main living space have become increasingly popular lately. This should be of little surprise, as they feature a combination of aesthetic and functional characteristics which you will love to enjoy.
A coffee table is usually placed near a favourite sofa or armchair, to make best use of its functions, somewhere to easily place a cup of coffee while you relax. If you have a large corner sofa, then a side table set might be of more value (like the Nevio coffee table), which includes one large (main) and one small side table. The set is very convenient if you want to better manage the space around your sofa or armchair.

Comfy pouffe seats

Living room pouffes are simply great if you seek plenty of seating in your living room. Pouffe seats are a great addition to any small or large living room, true all-rounders which go perfectly well with almost every interior design theme. They work well in spaces furnished in various styles, and it is enough to select an appropriate colour and shape for each of them. ELTAP has a range of pouffes in different sizes and trendy designs, which are all rounded off by their superior quality materials. They are guaranteed to last for years, providing the maximum comfort in your lounging space. Here is a unique piece, the Asgard pouffe seat.

Elegant cushions

Furniture accessories are not limited to side tables and pouffes, the category also includes decorative cushions. One way to upgrade on the level of comfort for you and your guests is by choosing comfy, decorative cushions. Our range includes cushions designed to go well with any interior, which can vary by fit-out theme and predominant colours. Decorative cushions can endow your room with a homely and cosy ambiance. Sometimes a selection of decorative cushions can completely reinvent your old furniture, fleshing out that unique feel for your room. We know that every customer has a different taste. We have developed a large selection of design and colour combinations for each set of furniture for the best possible match with the variety of preferences. Decorative cushions are available in sets of two or four, each measuring 45x45 cm, and in a selection of colours for easy matching with your space.
We continue to expand our range, because we understand that decorative pieces can make a world of difference for our homes. Browse our Product Catalogue to learn more.