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Everyone likes the idea of a comfortable and convenient lounge. Fulfilling comfort and relaxation is possible through the lounge suites and collections offered by ELTAP, a furniture manufacturer. They are very convenient and work well as the centrepieces in small and large living rooms alike, making the existing interior landscape complete. Lounge suites are generally intended for those rooms at home where we unwind with family unwinds or spend quality time with friends.
The furniture we offer excels in terms of the quality of finish and the selection of only the best materials. The result is comfortable and convenient furniture, with excellent ergonomic features for everyone to enjoy. The choice of items allows you to select a suite that is perfect for your needs. Our catalogue presents such suites varying by form and colour, yet which are a great match for modern interiors.

Lounge furniture that you will love

Everyone wants their furniture to perfectly harmonise with their interiors, providing high functionality and impressing their guests. The extensive choice of furniture available makes it challenging to choose a fitting lounge suite, but it also allows you to match any design or style. When doing a makeover or furnishing a new home, follow your preferences. All in all, it is your taste which defines how unique your rooms are to be. The furniture you choose should blend well with the overall roomscape. A consistent interior design can be both harmonious and beautiful. The diversity of our product range helps everyone discover their unique style, a matter very important for living rooms as places where we spend a fair share of the day.
Our shop includes a range of multifunctional furniture, including couches and corner sofas with an aesthetic value that remains delightful every day, and which can double as beds. Folding furniture is a great way to accommodate guests overnight. Our very popular items include the classic 3+2+1 seater lounge suites, each comprising a spacious sofa, a pair of super comfortable chairs and a complement pouffes. Browse the full catalogue, where you can discover the choices enabling you to enjoy your own home spaces.

What lounge suite to choose

The wide variety of products and colour options aids the easy selection of the best lounge suite for your home. Creating a suitable interior based on a lounge suite entails combining several different units, which are easy to arrange and where the only limits are the available space and your imagination. If you are considering a lounge suite, it is important to know what it should comprise. It is also important to select a suitable upholstery material. Leather upholstery looks very impressive and can be cleaned easily, but it is also one of the most expensive options. Faux leather and quality fabrics are popular upholstery choices. The upholstery colour should go well with the overall design of the interior, the colours of the walls, and the accents. First, however, the lounge suite should be functionally convenient, a key purchasing decision.