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Follow the colour!
The Eltap furniture collection is a rich palette of colours, textures and fabrics, where you are certain to find a colour that is a perfect match for your room. Our fabrics delight in their appearance, with special properties designed to help in caring for your furniture.
Relaxing, your way
The bedroom is your private zone, where you can rest and relax after a hard day. Its most important feature is the bed: this needs to be comfortable while also meeting your needs for aesthetic qualities, as it forms the centrepiece of your bedroom. Find the colour of your dreams among the Eltap colour palette.
Enjoy free time with your family
With our years of experience in the design and production of upholstered furniture, we know how to create perfect corner sofas and couches for the whole family. Eltap furniture manages to merge modern design with high functionality: convenience, practicality and low on consuming our precious space at home.


The new Arti and Vivien armchairs will complete your space!
Arti and Vivien are new to our offer! A comfortable armchair for the living room, where you can relax at any free moment, is a dream of many people!
Discover the new arrival! Mirabel boxspring bed
If you need a large and chic bed as the centrepiece of your living room, choose the Mirabel boxspring bed!
New arrival! Selene couch!
Looking for a couch offering the kind of relaxation of your dreams, yet adding a homely and refined element? The Selene couch is nothing short of perfection in this regard.