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We are planning the purchase of a corner sofa. What is worth knowing?

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  • We are planning the purchase of a corner sofa. What is worth knowing?
We are planning the purchase of a corner sofa. What is worth knowing?
Fresia Fresia


Perhaps you are planning to renovate your apartment, or perhaps you are just starting to arrange a new purchase. However, one thing is certain - you are planning to equip it with a fold-out corner sofa! After all, such a piece of furniture not only allows you to make better use of the available space, but also impresses with its functionality, which makes everyday relaxation more pleasant. But how to find the perfect model for yourself? Our guide will provide you with the answers!

Corner sofa with the sleeping function. Pay attention to that!
Decision made: I'm buying a corner sofa! And what's next? How to go about it, where to start the search - you feel a growing panic. Relax! Take a deep breath and think about everything with us. There are many things to consider when buying furniture. After all, in the offer of online and stationary stores there are various models of corner sofas that tempt us with the richness of colours, variety of shapes and the promise of comfort. Therefore, we present you a handy list that will help you make sure that you are able to choose the corner sofa that best meets the expectations of your family.

Space, i.e. how much space does a modern corner sofa need?
The first thing you should consider when choosing a corner sofa is the amount of space you have. Then, using painter's tape or chalk, apply the contours of the furniture in question to the floor surface. Do you have enough space to move freely between the furniture? In larger living rooms, you can usually afford spacious U-shaped structures, while studios or two-room apartments will love a small fold-out corner.
It is also good to pay attention to the side of the ottoman placement. If you belong to people who like to change the arrangement often, then you can opt for a universal piece of furniture in which you can freely manipulate the structure. Otherwise, right- or left-hand models will suffice.

Type of the sleeping function
Which corner sofa bed will work best for you? You need to think about this question for a moment. Consider your expectations, the type of floor (can it be damaged by moving wheels?) and the amount of space you have. It is also important that you answer the question whether the corner sofa is to be used as a bed occasionally, or whether you prefer it to serve as an everyday bed.

Also, don't forget about the bedding container. In most corner sofas, this is standard, but it may happen that you find a model that does not have a storage compartment. Or maybe you don't need it at all? In many online stores you will find models that do not have the sleeping function and a container. Perhaps this is an option for you.

Fabric, i.e. beauty is not everything 
A corner sofa for the living room must be properly presented. It's a well-known fact. It is located in a public place where guests invited by you usually gather. However, you must not forget that it is also a space where incidents happen: sometimes someone spills coffee, splashes wine or knocks over a plate of food. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that the furniture not only looks attractive, but is also easy to clean.

A good choice will therefore be to reach for functional materials from the ELTAP collection. These special fabrics have been prepared to best meet the expectations of their user. So here you will find waterproof (hydrophobic) proposals that do not absorb moisture. The liquid condenses on their surface in the form of small droplets, which gives you the necessary time to reach for a towel or cloth. If you anticipate more serious stains, be sure to consider Easy Clean materials. They allow you to remove dirt only with a damp cloth and possibly a bit of grey soap.

On the other hand, your fluffy friends will surely love animal-friendly materials, i.e. belonging to the pet-friendly collection. Fabrics from this group show increased resistance to the destructive activity of animal claws, as well as to hair sticking in. So even if you have a larger herd of quadrupeds, you won't have to worry about the condition of your corner.

Additional functionalities for your convenience
Should your corner sofa have additional functions? Sometimes it so happens that the simplest and most minimalist furniture does not meet the expectations placed on them. That's why you need to consider what would be useful in your new piece of furniture. Maybe you want it to have an additional headrest? In some models, they can be additionally regulated, thanks to which they will significantly increase the comfort of your rest. They will ensure that your spine is properly supported in the cervical section and allow you to comfortably rest your head.

Or maybe you would like the furniture to have an upholstered back? This can be extremely useful when we want the structure to stand away from the wall. Free-standing models will look nice in the middle of the room, allowing you to separate the zone dedicated to relaxation.

An interesting solution in some corner sofas is also the presence of practical shelves built into the side. Thanks to this, you can keep the little things you need while resting. Books, remote controls or a smartphone put aside will find their new home on such a shelf.

Interior design vs. corner sofas
In the heat of the fight, we must not forget about the style that prevails in our apartment. So think about what effect you plan to get. Do you love the cool, calm Scandinavian style? In that case, when buying a corner sofa, pay attention to the model with neutral upholstery, e.g. grey. Models mounted on wooden, light legs and those whose shape is simple and the surface is devoid of unnecessary decorations also fall within Scandi.

Does your heart beat faster at the thought of glamour style? In that case, you will certainly appreciate products with a quilted seat and backrest, as well as models with decorated, turned legs. Upholsteries in deep, eye-catching shades, especially fuchsia, ruby or bottle green, will work exceptionally well here.

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