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What Easy Clean Fabrics are?

In your home, food and a living room suite are at variance with each other? A film session with a large number of savoury snacks, a coffee time with your friend, playing children as well as keeping pets – all this means that sometimes it is hard to control the cleanliness of upholstered furniture in the living room. But you need not give up buying a stunning corner sofa bed dreamt of or a beautiful sofa with a matched armchair. How to reconcile family life with the cleanliness in the living room? Get acquainted with Easy Clean Fabrics offered by ELTAP.

The purchase of a living room suite means for most people quite a big challenge, and we usually spend much time to make a final decision. Attention is mainly focused on whether furniture is comfortable (probably the most important factor), on its workmanship, style and fabric colour… According to the research done, an average adult person may spend as many as approx. 13 hours per week sitting and watching television, not to mention the time spent with his or her friends with a drink in hand or on chatting, or simply on reading a good book. This means that actually much time is spent in company with living room furniture. And now, let us also notice that our sofa can witness a large number of different situations. Most of us eat and drink, and those who have kids or pets, must know how much they may contribute to wear and tear of our furniture. Actually, it is often heard that people have to choose from the options of leather or artificial leather since they have either kids or pets. Eventually, let us also mention the recent Covid-19 problem and its influence exerted on us all, which has brought out a possibility of keeping our homes clean and disinfected quite easily. Well, we are here to tell you that leather (although beautiful) is not your only option, since there are many beautiful fabrics available in a wide range of colours and textures to choose from our Easy Clean lines which will do a lot of work for you. Therefore, a design and a possibility of cleaning need not be mutually exclusive. You can have this sumptuous sofa either in plush velvet or fresh flax, and you do not have to worry that it will be destroyed after a one-year use.

At ELTAP, we have a special marking to inform that the fabric can be easily cleaned.

Fabrics resistant to stains and easily cleanable. 

Our exciting collection of easily cleanable fabrics is not only kid- and pet-friendly, but also resistant to everyday smudges, like ink, coffee or ketchup. Due to a wide range of colours, everyone will find a shade for themselves. From neutral, through minimal up to maximalist interiors in which a collection may constitute the base for adding a design. Those stain-resistant fabrics are not only durable enough to resist the everyday pace of life, but are easily washable and do not need restoration, and therefore, after years of use they look as if they were brand new.
Easy Clean Fabrics are textiles whose lining is based upon nanoparticles, and their composition turns to be efficient in impeding the penetration of dirt. Due to such a solution, your furniture can look perfect for a long time, whereas stains sticky, liquid or ink can be easily removed. It is not necessary to use chemicals. In addition, Easy Clean Fabrics are pleasant to the touch, durable and available in many textiles and colours.

Easy Clean collections, available from ELTAP combine the stainless cutting-edge technology with resistant and beautiful weaves in order to guarantee long time cleanliness of the fabric, easily to be kept. Pen ink, coffee, mud, red wine or ketchup stains or smudges can be easily removed either with water itself or water with some soap. A durable, high performance technology, without stains.

How to clean Easy Clean Fabrics?
The type of a stain determines the way of dealing with it. Remember that immediate removal of a stain will lead to the best effect. Go by our simple guidelines given below.

In the case of stains or smudges caused by ketchup, chocolate, oil or mud:
•    take a teaspoon and remove all remains, for example, of ketchup (go towards the stain centre so as to avoid stain spreading; for other stains or smudges, like ink or coffee, you need not use a teaspoon first;
•    do not rub substances into a fabric, and avoid spreading a stain
•    use a towel to drain off the stain
•    put a few water drops on the stain
•    soap the stained spot with circular movements (with a white soap bar)
•    rub the stain with a piece of cloth, by performing circular movements
•    put a few water drops to remove soap remains
•    press a paper towel to the spot previously stained
•    continue to press a paper towel as above until the towel becomes dry.