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Multipocket mattresses


Multipocket mattresses are an improved version of regular pocket mattresses. The construction allows each spring to fit in its own pocket so that they all function independently. The pressure applied to one spring does not cause the others to compress. The difference is clearly visible when comparing spring mattresses to pocket mattresses. Older spring mattress designs feature interconnected strands of continuous wire, which causes their wave-like swelling (where strong pressure applied to one end causes the other end to respond). Pocket mattresses are a great improvement, especially in their evolution toward multipocket mattresses.

Pocket vs. multipocket mattresses

The first and essential difference between a pocket mattress and a multipocket one is the diameter of the pocket springs. In multipocket mattresses, the pocket diameter is usually half that of pocket mattresses, which means that more springs can be fitted per square metre. A pocket mattress features approximately 260 springs per square metre, while a multipocket one can have as many as 500. Each pocket forms one point of support. The more there are, the more independent the support points are in a mattress, greatly improving the level of comfort. As multipocket mattresses feature about twice as many support points, they ensure higher quality rest. This type of mattress is not only designed to improve comfort, but also to support the spine even better. People who always complain about discomfort in the morning due to having an unsuitable mattress understand this all too well. A mattress with poorly chosen firmness or insufficient support points do not provide optimum support for the body, which may result in poor sleep and a low overall mood. This is why the multipocket mattresses feature twice as many springs and independent support points, enhancing their ability to conform to the body. These features mean that they are often recommended for people complaining about all kinds of pain, in the back and in other parts of the body.

Multipocket mattress: great for the health

The multipocket mattresses are pro-health products. In terms of their benefits for human health they are unparalleled, and hence highly popular among our customers. This type of mattress is classified by its overall firmness, or H-value (and the higher the H-value, the firmer the mattress), making it easy to select the one you need. The mattress surfaces are divided into different firmness zones, providing enhanced conformity under the pressure of the body. A large number of small pockets provide support for all critical points of the body, including the pelvic girdle, the legs, the shoulder girdle and the head. Multipocket mattresses are innovative by design, and it is worth choosing one if you wish to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without any discomfort, to wake up full of energy every morning. It is a great idea to select a mattress offering superior quality and benefits for your health.