Thiago Kronos 02 czerwony
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Thiago Kronos 02 czerwony
Thiago Kronos 02 czerwony
Thiago Kronos 02 czerwony
Thiago Kronos 02 czerwony
Thiago Sawana 21/ Soft 11 jasnoszary/ czarny
Thiago Monolith 09 / Monolith 29 ciemnobeżowy/ brązowy
Thiago Monolith 63/ Monolith 84 różowy/ szary
price: 5518 zł
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Convenience in a modern form

The Thiago is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a large, comfortable corner sofa in a modern design. The Thiago provides plenty of space to relax during the day, and even more to sleep the night through: thanks to the easy-to-use folding function there is 125 cm x 265 cm of space to sleep on. The large container in the ottoman easily fits a set of bedding to save storage elsewhere at home.
The corner sofa has been designed to ensure comfortable relaxation and sleep, especially thanks to the adjustable headrests and wide armrests. The deep main seat and the wide ottoman allow you to sit or recline, say to watch a film, while your back relaxes. The comfort is enhanced by the innovative HR foam in the padding, which improves the resilience and elasticity of the seats. The Thiago corner sofa is perfect at its job, which is to provide a place for the whole family to unwind.


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The Thiago corner sofa is all about daily relaxation in a simple form, yet with a modern feel that goes perfectly well in interiors designed according to the latest trends. The design of the Thiago corner sofa allows you to choose modern accents and furnishings for your room, and thanks to the extremely wide selection of upholstery fabrics you face no problem in selecting the perfect colour. The corner sofa is available in plain, textured and refined upholstery fabrics, rounded off neatly with tall smart metal legs, providing a great visual finish.

Wide, comfortable seat
Innovative HR foam stuffing
Large sleeping surface
Upholstered back for easy positioning anywhere in the living room.
Adjustable headrests
Wide armrest
Spacious bedlinen storage in the ottoman
Elegant metal legs
Accent cushion included
Bedlinen storage in the ottoman
Available in the complete range of Eltap upholstery fabrics

Corner sofa width: 350 cm
Corner sofa length: 202 cm
Height w/cushions: 90 cm
Height w/o cushions: 70 cm
Seat cushion depth: 60 cm
Mattress height: 43 cm
Sleeping surface: 125x265 cm
Armrest width: 33 cm
Leg height: 10 cm

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