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Sola thermoelastic mattress

Are you seeking healthy and sanitary sleep with full protection against strain on the muscles and joints? The highly advanced Sola thermoelastic mattress certainly lives up to all of your expectations for getting really good sleep.

Sola thermoelastic mattress: exceptional construction and materials

The Sola thermoelastic mattress is beyond compare. What makes it different? The structure and materials! In addition to the 2 cm layer of viscoelastic foam typical for thermoelastic mattresses, the Sola is enhanced with a 1 cm thick coconut fibre panel, a 5 cm layer of elastic HR foam, protective felt layers on the top and the bottom of the heavy-duty pocket springs, and a 2 cm layer of latex foam backing to finish off the mattress with the right level of resilience. This very advanced construction using first-class quality materials provides optimum support for the body, superior relaxation for the spine, and the best protection against posture disorders. The Sola reacts to the heat and weight of the body, conforming perfectly to the anatomical features in the sleeping position, while providing enough air circulation through the whole structure to keep it allergen-free. 

Sola thermoelastic mattress: a new quality in sleep

The Sola is a thermoelastic mattress loved by even the most demanding of people. The wide range of sizes, 80/90/120/140/160/180/200 x 200 cm, helps you to select the right mattress, whether for children’s beds or king size master beds, assuring safe and undisturbed sleep. The mattress is vibration-free, very resilient and flexible, incredibly comfortable and with an optimum profile, so choosing the Sola means choosing superior quality sleep.
If you value your health and crave peaceful sleep, then the Sola is for you, the ultimate thermoelastic mattress where you experience truly luxurious comfort.

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