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Simona thermoelastic mattress

Are you looking for a mattress that will improve the quality of your sleep and your overall health? The Simona thermoelastic mattress is what you need.


Simona thermoelastic mattress: a modern solution for good sleep

Thermoelastic mattresses are becoming immensely popular among anyone who cares for their health and sense of well-being. A characteristic feature of this type of mattress is the dedicated foam filling, which conforms to the shape of the human body partly by responding to its heat. The Simona thermoelastic mattress forms approximately one million independent points, providing balanced support for the body and the right profile to keep the spine strain free and allow it to rest well. Sleeping on this mattress improves the overall circulation of blood through the body while reducing discomfort in the back and the pelvic section. 

Simona thermoelastic mattress, direct from the manufacturer: keeping the body healthy

The Simona is a thermoelastic mattress provided with extra padding to maximise the quality and comfort of our sleep. The top is a standard feature of thermoelastic mattresses, a 2 cm layer of viscoelastic foam. The layer beneath it is 5 cm of HR foam with soft T2542 foam. The structure ensures maximum protection of the body every night, and a robustness ensuring years of use without any fear of unsightly depressions to reduce the level of comfort. The Simona is available in a selection of sizes, 80/90/120/140/160/180/200 x 200 cm, suitable for children’s beds and large king size models. Yet another advantage is the mattress case, manufactured from a high quality fabric. Not only does it keep the mattress clean, it also ensures proper air circulation, making the Simona free from allergens and therefore completely safe for young children.
Do you dream of healthy sleeping, allowing you to fully regenerate for the next day? Choose the Simona, an advanced thermoelastic mattress.

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