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Rico Soro 95/ Soro 83 szary/beżowy
Available colors:
Rico Soro 95/ Soro 83 szary/beżowy
Rico Soro 65/ Soro 61 fioletowy/różowy
Rico Soro 83/ Soro 76 beżowy/niebieski
Rico Cover 61/ Cover 83 różowy/fioletowy
Rico Sawana 14/ Soft 17 czarny/biały
King of the living room, i.e. a corner with a sleeping function!
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Rico corner sofa

Multi-functional lounge furniture that speaks a modern design language? You can have it all. The proof is in the Rico corner sofa.


Rico corner sofa: genuine by design

The simple, streamlined shape with a classic layout of seating is based on a robust construction and finished off in a style far from the mundane. This is the Rico corner sofa, a preferred choice of the owners of modern and Scandinavian style homes. The upholstery is two-tone, where one of the colours is an accent running along the backrest and the side panels, adding expression. The strongest cue of the Rico is the wooden shelves with a top fascia integrated in the sides. These accents greatly improve the overall style and convenience. The shelves are great for small items and books, to keep them within hand’s reach when you do not wish to get up while relaxing on the sofa.

Rico corner sofa: comfort maximised

The styling of this corner sofa is delightfully simple and innovative. But the advantages of the Rico do not stop here. The corner sofa has a proven, robust construction that enables you to get the most of what you expect from it. Measuring 250x160x85 cm, it has plenty of space for everyone to sit and relax, and being a sleeper sofa it is great for small homes where you cannot spare any room for a separate master bedroom. The pull-out bed provides easy, intuitive conversion into a 210x125 cm bed. There is a bedlinen storage in the ottoman. The level of comfort comes also from the padding system used for the seating, which features continuous springs with T30 foam, providing optimum support to maintain body posture and relieving the spine from strain.
If you dream of a living room which looks and feels modern or Scandinavian, go with the Rico corner sofa bed, which is available in many colour options for a perfect match with your preferences.

Wooden shelving and top integrated with the side panel
Stable, profiled backrest
Large sleeping surface
Bedlinen storage in the ottoman
Comfortable seats with continuous springs and T30 foam padding
Available in a wide selection of colours

Corner sofa width: 250 cm
Corner sofa length: 160 cm
Corner sofa height: 85 cm
Seat cushion depth: 55 cm
Mattress height: 46 cm
Sleeping surface: 210x125 cm
Armrest width: 20 cm
Leg height: 2.5 cm