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Primo bed

Are you furnishing your bedroom and looking for a bed which provides maximum comfort and unparalleled design? The Primo meets your wildest dreams, and can make all the difference in your bedroom.


Primo bed: modern refinement by design

Modern design blends elegance with simplicity and high functionality. This is true for the Primo, a real showpiece in good styling. The simple structure of the frame meets a tall headboard upholstered in profiled, soft and resilient foam padding. The headboard doubles as a comfortable backrest when you just want to recline on your bed. The overall design and style of the bed are certainly among its advantages. The Primo is where modernity and minimalism meet: the central part of the headboard stands out with a colour contrasting with the remainder of the upholstery, accented with fine and deep stitching across the surface. Together these finish off the overall appearance. The upholstery is available in various colour options, so you can easily choose the bed to match your bedroom style.


Primo bed, directly from the manufacturer: high precision and finish

The Primo uses a construction where the frame is separate from the mattress rack, which can be tilt opened with the assistance of a gas-spring lift or a spring-action lift, depending on your choice. If you are looking for comfortable and convenient furniture, you can order the bed with an optional bedlinen container. The sturdy mattress rack is made of wood and favours the correct mattress profile, while the choice of 140/160/180 x 200 cm sleeping surface options guarantee plenty of space for great relaxation. The bed is supplied without a mattress. You can easily choose the mattress type, construction and performance to enjoy the highest level of comfort. 

The Primo is a true one-bed-fits-all choice. Its modern style makes it popular for those with glamour, minimalist, and industrial bedrooms. If you crave good sleep and prefer robust furniture built to last, the Primo has got you covered, with a delightful level of comfort.

Available in three sizes
Tall headboard
Spacious bedlinen storage
Available in a wide selection of colours

Bed width options: 180/200/220 cm
Bed length: 223 cm
Bed height: 92 cm

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