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Parys bed

Looking for a bed for your child? Make sure that the one you choose harmonises perfectly with their room design while providing optimum comfort for a healthy and peaceful sleep.


Parys bed: simplicity with high quality

A simple structure and a universal design are the characteristics of the Parys, a bed for children. With a comfy mattress, the wooden frame is finished with a soft upholstery based on a fabric resistant to wear and fading, sure to blend in perfectly with the design of the child’s room. It can easily harmonise with other furniture and accents thanks to the available colour options for the upholstery. While simple in form, the bed features carefully finished details and subtle accents formed by the stitching of the headboard. The large sleeping surface measures 80 x 190 cm, meaning the child can sleep easily. The format is easy to fit in very small rooms.


Parys bed, directly from the manufacturer: first for every parent

The Parys bed is the primary choice for those parents who care for the comfort of their children at night. The bed’s mattress is filled with Bonnell springs and is complete with a layer of T25 foam. These materials make the mattress optimally soft, resilient, and stable under the body, supporting it well, a prerequisite for a healthy, relaxed spine. To enhance its level of comfort even further, the headboard upholstery, which matches the bed colour, features additional padding beneath the fabric. Yet another advantage is the bedlinen storage inside the frame box, making it easy to keep the room tidy during the day. The convenient tilt lift allows it to be opened to access the bedlinen storage, and requires so little effort to operate that your child can use it safely.
A large, comfortable bed is a must for a child’s bedroom. If you want your child to sleep well, peacefully and healthily, the Parys is the best choice! Browse suitable mattresses that are available for the bed.

Upholstered and foam-filled headboard
Bedlinen storage in the frame box
Available in a wide selection of colours

Bed width: 90 cm
Bed length: 195 cm
Bed height: 55 cm
Mattress height: 45 cm
Sleeping surface: 80 x 190 cm

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