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Mokka latex foam mattress

Are you in favour of modern solutions? Do you pay particular attention to the quality of the furniture you use? If you want to ensure good and healthy sleep, choose the best mattress for you matched to the right type of bed. Do you dream of superior comfort? The Mokka latex foam mattress will give you that!

Mokka latex foam mattress: high technology for healthy sleeping

When choosing a bed, it is common to consider its visual aspects and functionality. The key, however, should be the type of mattress. If you belong to the demanding group of customers aware of what you really need, choose a bed without a mattress included. In this way you can easily add a Mokka latex mattress, with its astounding precision finish and quality. This model features a 1 cm thick coconut fibre panel, 5 cm of soft T2542 foam and a 2 cm layer of latex. The whole mattress is protected by a case of robust fabric, designed to resist wear and dirt, while improving the quality of sleep. It ensures good air circulation through its structure, providing it with anti-allergenic properties. It is recommended for adults and children alike. 

Mokka latex foam mattress, direct from the manufacturer: comfort and protection for the spine

The Mokka is, as befits a latex mattress, guaranteed to ensure quality sleep. This is due to the optimum materials used to create it. They help in properly supporting the body and improving stability and damping the vibrations, which is undoubtedly a huge benefit. This ensures comfortable, calm sleep, which is also healthy at the same time. Sleeping on this mattress relaxes the spine, minimising the risk of postural defects. The optimum point support for the body will help you wake up relaxed and recharged for the new day. The Mokka is available in several sizes, 80/90/120/140/160/180/200 x 200 cm, which makes it easy to choose one for any size of bed.
If you dream of great sleep, choose the Mokka latex foam mattress for your bed, to enjoy exceptional stability, resilience and durability.

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