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Lord II

Lord II
Lord II Berlin 03/ Soft 33 beżowy/kremowy
Available colors:
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Lord II
Lord II Berlin 03/ Soft 33 beżowy/kremowy
Lord II
Lord II Berlin 02/ Berlin 10 szary/biały
Lord II
Lord II Berlin 03/Soft 66 beżowy/ brązowy
Lord II
Lord II Sawana 05/ Soft 17szary/biały
King of the living room, i.e. a corner with a sleeping function!
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Lord II corner sofa

Classics never go out of style, and the proof is in the Lord II corner sofa, which enjoys huge acclaim among those who prefer refined interior design.


Lord II corner sofas: traditionally beautiful

The conservative construction with rounded backrests, tall arms and large seat cushions make the Lord II unique among all corner sofas. The wave-like shape, the stylish stitching of the backrests and the draping around the base makes this corner sofa a superb showpiece in conservatively furnished interiors. When combined with classic wooden furniture and antiques, it helps build a very refined landscape in the room. The upholstery is made of superior materials, proof against fading or wear, providing yet another advantage alongside its perfectly customisable nature based on a selection of colour patterns designed to match your living room style. The combination of two contrasting colour tones improves the overall appearance and brings a touch of genuine uniqueness. The careful attention to the finish and the accents are a delight for everyone who loves refined furniture.


Lord II furniture: lasting comfort

What is important in furniture is good style and construction, which directly defines the level of comfort of anyone who wishes to enjoy good rest. The Lord II corner sofa has a classic and proven layout. Measuring 243x180x105 cm, it provides plenty of room to relax on during the day, while the pull-out and flippable cushion system allows easy conversion into a bed. In the folded-out configuration, the bed measures 195x125 cm while the ottoman seat offers spacious bedlinen storage inside. The combination of continuous springs lined with T30 foam means the seating is soft yet stable. The proper support for the body contributes to the level of comfort and the satisfaction of everyone who uses it.
The all-round functionality and classic style of the Lord II corner sofa has won over many who seek versatile lounge furniture which works well as a daytime place to unwind and a large, comfortable bed at night.

Traditional design
Rounded backrests
Tall arms
Wide seat cushions
Convertible into a bed
Bedlinen storage in the ottoman

Corner sofa width: 243 cm
Corner sofa length: 190 cm
Corner sofa height: 105 cm
Seat cushion depth: 55 cm
Mattress height: 43 cm
Sleeping surface: 195x125 cm