Laurence Solar 77 niebieski
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Laurence Solar 77 niebieski
Laurence Solar 77 niebieski
Laurence Solar 77 niebieski
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Laurence corner – a living room hero

The living room is an ideal place for everyday relaxation and a meeting point with family and friends. Everyone knows that this room has always had its hero, i.e. a comfortable corner sofa or a canapé. This is the first thing you'll notice when you enter the living room. In addition, it is also a favorite place for a family relaxation after returning home, watching TV, reading books, napping and even having a snack. That is why the hero of the living room should be special. It just so happens that we have in our offer something that deserves to be called a living room hero - the Laurence corner sofa.


Laurence - intriguing classic

Aesthetics and comfort are the greatest features of Laurence. Classic, however modern patterns give different visual feelings. The soft backrest filled with T25 foam and the seat with a combination of T30 and HR foams will fulfill your desire for comfort. The corner also has very elegant and stylish chrome legs - they will surely enrich your living room with a modern style. The well-thought-out design allows you to rest comfortably thanks to the wide armrest and adjustable headrests, which soothes the spine. Wide, comfortable seats are another advantage of our corner sofa with dimensions: 275 x 205 x 98 cm. Laurence is not only suitable for relaxing during the day, because thanks to the dolphin mechanism, it can easily be turned into a comfortable bed for sleeping at night. The large sleeping area allows for a peaceful, healthy sleep. It turns out that that's not all Laurence has to offer. It also houses a functional and spacious container for bedding or other textiles. This is a great convenience, especially when you are often visited by unannounced guests.


Match your perfection with the Laurence corner sofa

Enjoy cozy family movie nights and organize elegant cocktail parties in the lounge, where Laurence is the perfect centerpiece for your arrangement. A corner sofa that combines a contemporary look with simple sophistication. The upholstery is accented with stitching on the sides and the back of the furniture for a refined yet discreet look. You can choose from allfabrics from the ELTAP collection and a wide palette of colors, so that the corner sofa can be the dream hero of the house.

The Laurence fold-out corner sofa has a luxurious, modern look and practical functions. This piece of furniture guarantees qualityand durability for your pleasure, so that you can feel at home perfectly.

  • Comfortable and wide seats
  • Adjustable headrests
  • Metal feet made of chrome-plated steel
  • Large sleeping area: 125 x 210 cm
  • Large bedding container
  • The model is available in a full range of colors

Corner sofa width: 275 cm

Corner sofa depth: 205 cms

Height with cushions: 98 cm

Height without cushions: 69 cm

Seat depth: 55 cm

Seat height: 45 cm

Sleeping area: 125 x 210 cm

Height of the legs: 9 cm

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