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Havana Kronos 19/Paros 5 ciemnozielony/szary
Available colors:
Havana Kronos 19/Paros 5 ciemnozielony/szary
Havana MatVelvet 68 malinowy
Havana Berlin 03/ Soft 66 beżowy (plecionka)/ciemnobrązowy
Havana Dora 96/Dora 90 ciemnoszary/szary
Havana Sawana 26/Soft 33 brązowy/kremowy
King of the living room, i.e. a corner with a sleeping function!
Follow our advice and choose the perfect piece of furniture for your interior.

Havana corner sofa

The secret of refined style for living rooms is in the selection of furniture. The Havana corner sofa is there to help you furnish your home in great taste. 

Havana corner sofa: designed for modern interiors

The classic and proven structure features simple, square lines and meticulous detailing, the prime characteristics of the Havana corner sofa, a perfect match for modern interior designs and styles. The two-tone colour options and the selection of upholstery materials enhance the appeal. The wide range of colours helps with easy customisation to your preferences. The options range from subdued colours to the bolder and more contrasting ones. The Havana corner sofa is styled so to make for an all-rounder showpiece for your modern interior, industrial living room or New York themed space. It features extra accent cushions to add another layer of charm to the overall design to create a more comfortable experience.


Havana corner sofa: good relaxation guaranteed

The optimum profiling of the surfaces and great stability ensure support for the body, which translates into superior convenience, especially in protecting the spine from strain and discomfort. These benefits come from the seating based on heavy-duty continuous springs and padded with soft yet resilient T30 foam. This construction ensures the seating remains impervious to permanent depressions, for you to enjoy its high quality over the very long term. Refinement and comfort aside, the Havana corner sofa is built for functionality. Thanks to the generous 320x167/207x73 cm dimensions, there is plenty of space to rest and relax in ease. It also acts both as a sofa and a bed. The intuitive system features a pull-out bottom section and flippable top, transforming it from a sofa into a 240x125 cm bed.
If you value functionality in furniture and like nothing more than to relax at home, you cannot go wrong with the Havana corner sofa, a supple oasis of superb comfort.

Profiled backrest
Very comfortable seats stuffed with heavy-duty continuous springs and soft yet resilient T30 foam
Sleeper sofa with a pull-out bed
Available in the complete range of Eltap upholstery fabrics
Upholstered back

Corner sofa width: 320 cm
Corner sofa length: 167/207 cm
Height w/cushions: 73 cm
Seat cushion depth: 65 cm
Mattress height: 43 cm
Sleeping surface: 280x125 cm
Leg height: 7 cm