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Giulio corner sofa

Do you enjoy expressive furniture and uncommon colour combinations? The Giulio corner could be the showpiece of your living room.


Giulio corner sofa: perfection in unique interior design

Upholstered furniture should be comfortable and easy on the eye. The Giulio corner sofa achieves both. The sumptuous potential for relaxation merges with a design that is anything but banal, forming a modern sofa that is at home in modern, designer living rooms. Live and contrasting accent inserts on the sides alternate with the main colour across the whole corner sofa, providing a unique finish in combination with large cushions in the same two-tone, contrasting design. With this styling, the corner sofa can easily become the key feature of your living room. The selection of colour matches should enable you to find the right option for your preferences. These options range from subdued colours to bolder and more contrasting ones.


Giulio corner sofa: highly comfortable and fully functional

The Giulio corner sofa offers extraordinary styling and great functionality. Measuring 237x150x90 cm, it provides ample space for your leisure activities without overwhelming the room. It works just as well in large living rooms as it does in small studios. Being a sofa bed is another advantage. The pull-out bottom drawer and the flippable backrest provides an easy, intuitive way to transform it from a sofa into a 125x195 cm bed. Setting it as a bed also gives you access to the bedlinen storage. The Giulio features backrests with an optimum profile and additional cushions to improve the level of comfort. The soft armrests and stable seating achieves the kind of relaxation at home that was previously undreamed of. The stuffing is resilient T25 foam, which easily returns to its proper shape, so you can enjoy the sofa for many years without any detriment to its great appearance.
If you want to add some energy to the ambiance of your living room, choose the strikingly unique Giulio corner sofa.

Contrasting inserts on the sides and across the whole corner sofa
Convertible into a bed by pull-out bottom drawer and flippable backrest
Spacious bedlinen storage
Profiled backrests
Comfortable arms
Stable seats made of resilient T25 foam

Corner sofa width: 237 cm
Corner sofa length: 150 cm
Height w/cushions: 90 cm
Height w/o cushions: 72 cm
Seat cushion depth: 57 cm
Mattress height: 40 cm
Sleeping surface: 195x125 cm

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