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Evanell corner sofa

Is your apartment big and you need a new look for your living room? What is required is a large, comfortable corner sofa that delights everyone in its level of comfort and aesthetic values. The Evanell will allow you to experience true comfort.


Evanell corner sofas: a modern take on elegance

Do you prefer furniture in modern styles and functionalities? If you are looking for lounge furniture with plenty of place to relax in and a remarkable showpiece for your living room, choose the Evanell corner sofa. It has a U-shaped layout, where at one end is a standard seat while at the other is a long ottoman seat to recline on. The tall, profiled backrests with six adjustable headrests lets you enjoy your leisure just the way you like it. The angled armrest on one end of the corner also doubles as a headrest if you like to sprawl out. The Evanell is available in a variety of colour options. From subdued shades to bolder tones, you can easily find the right one to break with the monotony of your room furnishings. The high quality of the upholstery fabric ensures high resistance to wear and fading, keeping the sofa in great shape even after extended use.


Evanell corner sofa: robust design and superior comfort guaranteed

The Evanell fits large living rooms. Measuring 330x216/210x102 cm, it is the perfect place to relax in the peaceful interior of your own home. The sheer space the Evanell provides is everything that even the most demanding users will love. Yet another advantage is that the Evanell is a sleeper sofa. The pull-out bed drawer ensures easy, intuitive conversion into a large bed, offering an excellent place to sleep. There is also spacious bedlinen storage available, enhancing the functionality. The seating features continuous springs and highly resilient T30 foam padding. This configuration guarantees a soft feel with an optimum profile, and good support for the body.
If you fancy large, refined and highly functional lounge furniture, the Evanell corner sofa can be the greatest accent and centrepiece in your living room.

U-shaped layout
Tall, profiled backrests
Adjustable headrests
Angled armrest
Available in a wide selection of colours
Sleeper corner sofa
Spacious bedlinen storage in the ottoman

Corner sofa width: 330 cm
Corner sofa length: 216 cm
Height w/cushions: 102 cm
Height w/o cushions: 82 cm
Seat cushion depth: 60 cm
Mattress height: 41 cm
Sleeping surface: 125x265 cm

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