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Cloe bed

If you are looking for furniture that functions as both a comfortable bed and a focal point for the bedroom that catches the eye, then the Cloe is a great choice.


Cloe bed – create harmony in your bedroom

When planning to buy a bed, you need to consider what kind you are seeking. The Cloe upholstered bed is a perfect complement for modern arrangements in the bedroom. The Cloe is an upholstered bed with a 93 cm (37″) high and soft headboard – which is ideal for anyone who loves to watch TV in bed or read books, or maybe even needs to work late with a laptop, as the Cloe offers a comfortable position for your head and torso. It also protects you from leaning against a cold wall, all in an elegant style. With a Cloe bed you are free in how you arrange the interior - with a huge selection of colours and textures to satisfy even the most demanding of tastes. The soft padding blunts the sharp edges and absorbs minor impacts. The bed is made of high quality materials, resistant to all normal wear and tear.


Cloe bed – the largest decoration in your bedroom

The undoubted advantage of the Cloe bed is the ability to match the size of the bed to the needs and dimensions of the bedroom – the Cloe is available in 4 sizes: 140/160/180/200x200 cm (55/62/70/79x79″). The range includes wooden and metal frames, the latter with a gas-strut lifter, giving us easy access to the large storage container. In a small bedroom it is useful for storing out of season clothes, and thus saving space in your closet.

Have you noticed the careful stitching and the quality and aesthetics of the workmanship? Turn your bedroom into the place of quiet retreat by choosing the Cloe bed.

Available in four sizes

High headboard with stitched accents

Our range includes beds featuring a wooden or a metal frame (the latter offers large underbed storage)

Available in a wide selection of colours

Bed width options: 160/180/200/220 cm (62/70/79/87″)

Bed length: 223 cm (88″)

Bed height: 93 cm (51″)

Bed height w/o mattress: 34 cm (13″)

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