Calia Sawana 80/ Soft 17/pod. Botanical 80(granatowy/biały)
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Calia Sawana 80/ Soft 17/pod. Botanical 80(granatowy/biały)
Calia Sawana 21/ Soft 17/pod. Jungle 32(szary/biały)
Calia Sawana 14/ Soft 17/pod. Zigzag 60(czarny/biały)
Calia Sawana 21/ Soft 11/pod. Jungle 32(szary/biały)
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Calia sofa

Do you prefer minimalist furniture, yet crave bold decorative features at the same time? Calia has the best of both worlds, just perfect for your living room.


Calia sofa: modernity and simplicity

A simple, minimalist design form, this is the first impression that Calia gives, a sofa dedicated specifically for modern interiors. The simplicity is highlighted by unique decorative features. The upholstery is made from first-class fabrics, to provide high resistance to wear for many years to come. The sofa is monotone in colour, with a wide contrasting stripe across the bottom section of the seat. A set of cushion are included to add even more character to the decorative feel: Two of the cushions are colour matched to the upholstery, while the other two break the form with vivid patterns and contrasting hues. This variety added to the predominant minimalist design suit well anyone who prefers to seek things that are out of the ordinary. The overall look and feel are enhanced by the shiny metal legs. The level of finish easily makes the sofa the centrepiece of a living room. 

Calia furniture: unparalleled level of comfort

Designer looks aside, the Calia sofa is comfortable. All this is thanks to the careful selection of materials. The seating is supported by continuous springs and a layer of T25 foam, providing unparalleled comfort with good support to relieve strain on the body and protect the spine well. With the 195x86x83 cm format, there is plenty of space to relax on during the day, after which the flip-back backrest function helps quickly convert the sofa into a bed for the night. Converted into the bed, there is 140x195 cm to sleep on, with bedlinen storage underneath. This is important functionality for a sleeper sofa. 

Looking for a minimalist sofa that feels unique and provides a superior level of comfort? Then the Calia sofa is perfect for you.

Set of cushions included
Shiny metal legs
Sleeper sofa
Bedlinen storage

Sofa bed width: 195 cm
Sofa bed depth: 91 cm
Sofa height w/o cushions: 74 cm
Sofa height w/cushions: 83 cm
Seat cushion depth: 75 cm
Seat cushion height: 40 cm
Sleeping surface: 195x140 cm

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