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Apollo multipocket mattress

Do you want your master bed to be about superior comfort? Then you need the right mattress. The Apollo multipocket mattress guarantees maximum comfort to ensure quality sleep and optimum protection of your back from strain.


Apollo multipocket mattress: advanced construction for healthy sleep

While similar to classic pocket mattresses, multipocket mattresses are distinguished by a more advanced design which improves the level of comfort. The Apollo features resilient pockets and heavy-duty springs. As the name of the mattress suggests, it features many more springs than typical pocket mattresses. They improve the level of comfort, the stability of the body and the life of the mattress. The system of sturdy springs in the Apollo features additional layers. The spring pockets are enclosed above and below with layers of protective felt, each padded on the outside with a 2 cm layer of soft T2542 foam. This system allows the Apollo to be very springy yet it remains stable. It is a perfect mattress for anyone who prefers sturdy products built to last.


Apollo multipocket mattress, direct from the manufacturer: like it were bespoke, just for you

To enjoy healthy and peaceful sleep, you need a comfortable place to sleep. The Apollo multipocket mattress dampens the vibrations as you move and easily conforms to your resting position, helping you to sleep with ease and with your back fully relaxed. The multi-point resilience of the mattress provides optimum support to the critical parts of the body, including the head, legs, shoulders and pelvic girdles. The Apollo is available in several sizes, 80/90/120/140/160/180/200 x 200 cm, for an easy selection of a mattress to fit the size and type of bed.
If you want to sleep well and keep your back healthy, the Apollo multipocket mattress is exactly what you need.

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