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Agnis multipocket latex padded mattress

Do you need quality sleep? Get a high quality mattress that relieves the strain on your spine, leaving you to sleep comfortably.


Agnis multipocket mattress: healthy sleeping guaranteed

What we sleep on dictates our sense of well-being and the health of our spines. If we want to enjoy good health and to get up every morning feeling well rested and full of energy, the best choice is to complement your bed with the Agnis multipocket mattress. This is a more advanced version of the well-known pocket mattresses. An advantage contributing to its premium quality is the heavy-duty springs, each confined to a separate pocket. This design favours not only the quality of sleep, but also the quality of the product, making it more durable than conventional bed mattresses. The Agnis multipocket mattress is stuffed with more than just springs. It is also padded with a layer of felt for protection, both above and below. The bottom of the mattress is lined with a 2 cm layer of soft T2542 foam. The top of the Agnis is finished with a 2 cm layer of resilient latex foam. The mattress is wrapped in a case, protecting it from dirt and damage and making it easy to keep it clean.


Agnis multipocket mattress, direct from the manufacturer: functionality paired with high quality

The Agnis is available in a selection of sizes, 80/90/120/140/160/180/200 x 200 cm, making it easy to select the one which fits you and your bed. The modern construction of the mattress keeps you feeling stable, all night long. The multi-point support provided by the multipocket springs means that the Agnis takes the strain off your spine, protecting you against posture defects. This is why mattresses of this type are recommended for adults struggling with regular back pain and for children whose delicate spines are prone to developmental deformation. The high quality of the springs inside the mattress makes Agnis resistant to heavy loads and deformations, including those obstructing easy sleeping.
If you are furnishing your bedroom, make sure you choose the right mattress so that you wake up fully recharged, every day.

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