Thermoplastic mattresses


The mattress is the single most important part of any bed. The quality of our sleep and our sense of well-being when we wake up depends on it. Thermoelastic mattresses are one of the latest developments in the furniture industry. They are considered to be foam mattresses, but are anything but in practice. The material deflects not only under the pressure of the body but also in relation to its temperature. The performance of thermoelastic mattresses includes conforming perfectly to every position of the body. It is the best solution to keep the spine and muscles well rested. These features of thermoelastic mattresses are the reason why they are referred to as ‘therapeutic’ mattresses. They usually feature one or two types of foam to improve the effective support. This also improves the ventilation of the mattress, keeping it clean and ensuring it lasts longer.

Who is this mattress type for?

They are designed to keep us physically healthy. They are preferred by anyone who complains of back problems or discomfort from any other kind of body pain as well as those who want to prevent such issues. If you wake up every morning aching and feeling you have not slept well, you really need to consider a thermoelastic mattress. Just one night on a thermoelastic mattress guarantees instant relief, with great quality sleep, the one thing you need night in, night out. The thermoelastic mattresses in our product range are great not just for use at home, they are an optimum choice for long-term patient recovery. Thermoelastic mattresses are chosen for patients also because they help prevent bedsores. Therapeutic mattresses are great for our health, and this effect has been proven by many experts.

Pros and cons of thermoelastic mattresses

A thermoelastic mattress has many advantages that make them a great choice. The thermoelastic foam ensures proper posture of the spine, relieving it of strain, keeping the body fully supported across the mattress top. It ensures healthy sleep, favouring better regeneration of the body overnight and a sense of well rest and relaxation every morning. The mattresses are extremely durable thanks to their superior resistance to wear and tear. Another great advantage, especially for double beds, is that thermoelastic mattresses prevent propagation of vibration across them. You sleep well and undisturbed by any movement of your partner in the same bed. However, high quality means high pricing. Therapeutic mattresses are far from being budget-friendly. The minimum average price tag is about 1000 PLN. Still, if you go ahead in choosing one, you are making an informed purchase and an investment in your health. You should not stint on a mattress. Choose the best possible one, for it is a decision to last many years.