Foam mattresses


Technological progress has made plastics popular in many industries. This is true for mattress engineering, where the popularity of foam mattresses is on the rise, including in our product range. Those made from polyurethane foam are endowed with optimum resilience, and the material is very easy to make, cut and form, providing many great opportunities in the manufacture of mattresses. Foam forms the most popular group of mattresses, as they include the widest selection of manufacturable solutions for sleeping. The stuffing is made from plastic foam, either latex or regular polyurethane foam in high resilience or thermoelastic versions. The quality of the mattress stuffing defines the pricing. The basic models made from polyurethane foam are the least expensive, but the stuffing material is of inferior quality. This foam lacks proper orthopaedic performance and oxidises quickly, so the mattress is not healthy to use. High resilience foam mattresses are also made from a polyurethane foam formulation, but the production process is different, providing a much higher quality product. They conform very well to the body and last for a long time. The highest quality in foam mattresses are those made from thermoelastic foam. They provide excellent orthopaedic performance for great quality sleep, which improves your health. These mattresses also feature another function: they can be used on bed racks with tilting headrests and footrests.

Foam mattresses for all uses

Foam mattresses are all-round performers, and you can use on a bed rack or laid directly on the floor. They are comfortable enough to be slept on every night, making them a great backup if you have guests staying for the night. The resilience of foam mattresses makes them perfect for adjustable beds, as well as for road trips and any location where you would not or could not take a typical mattress. If you want to buy a foam mattress then first you need to consider how you intend using it, because this directly effects the required level of workmanship. It is best to go with those of top-end quality if you wish to ensure superior comfort.

Pros and cons of foam mattresses

It is difficult to exactly specify the pros and cons of foam mattresses, since they vary by stuffing type, which may range from latex foam and regular polyurethane foam to high resilience and thermoplastic PU foam. The foam type largely defines the functionality of the mattress. Here you should not stint on choosing the best available. Thermoplastic polyurethane foam is the best stuffing material in foam mattresses. The pros include a high resistance to deformation and bactericidal and fungicidal actions, making it perfect for allergy sufferers. A thermoplastic PU foam mattress lasts for a long time, conforming well to your body, and ensuring optimum air circulation through the stuffing. While devoid of any cons in use, the price is slightly above that for regular foam models. It is a great idea to get the best available to ensure a good night’s sleep, as this highly contributes to your health.