Latex mattresses


Latex foam mattresses

Latex revolutionised the mattress market the very moment it appeared. It is resistant to deformation and depression, and improves the performance of mattresses far above the levels attainable by those using regular Bonnell springs. The mattress is highly resilient, maintaining its original shape and performance over long use. Contributing to its long life is its bactericidal and fungicidal action, which helps keep the product hygienic with ease. Latex inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, and various kinds of mite. The ventilation system makes it practically impossible for the mattress to be infested by microbes. This type of mattress is great for allergy sufferers. The thousands of micropores ensure proper air circulation though the foam, which greatly contributes to healthy sleep. Latex foam mattresses can feature up to seven different firmness zones. It is also very ‘quiet’ in that it cancels out the reverberations of every vibration and movement.


Why choose a latex foam mattress?

When considering which type of mattress to buy, we should look for the one which provides the best quality sleep and high comfort. Latex foam mattresses are ranked among the most durable of mattress types, and you can be sure they will last many years. The latex foam ensures great conformity to the natural curvature of the human spine while reducing the point pressure on the body by the mattress surface. This mattress type can prove to be a huge relief for those with recurrent pain in the back, shoulders and other joints. Great comfort and good sleep are also possible due to the other properties of this mattress type, which performs well on adjustable mattress racks. Because of the structure, latex foam mattresses are thinner than other mattress types, yet achieving similar levels of comfort.


Pros and cons of latex foam mattresses

Latex foam mattresses provide many benefits:

  • Perfect for pain conditions: a latex foam mattress is an excellent choice for back and muscle pain sufferers.
  • High level of comfort: latex foam does not deform and retains no depression from loading. The mattress always returns to shape.
  • Healthy spine: latex foam mattresses are superior in conformity to the body features, facilitating good rest for the spine.
  • Natural materials: latex is often thought of as a synthetic material. It is, however, made from the sap of the rubber tree, and you need not to worry about any harmful chemicals in the latex foam.
  • Bacteria resistant: it is one of the best mattresses in terms of sleeping healthily, free of harmful bacteria or mites.

There are two cons to latex foam mattresses. One is the sheer weight: latex foam mattresses qualify as the heaviest of them all. However, this can be perceived as a good quality mark, because the heavier the mattress, the better its quality. Another con is the price compared to other mattress types. However, it is a good idea to go with a mattress of superior quality and enjoy its performance for many years.