Pocket mattresses


Healthy sleep is the foundation of good rest and daily functioning. The conditions in which we sleep have a significant impact on our sense of well-being and capacity to regenerate for the next day. These high levels of comfort are what our pocket mattresses help provide.
Pocket mattresses are an upgraded version of the Bonnell spring mattresses, featuring springs of smaller diameter in an alternative cylindrical form. The word ‘pocket’ describes the way in which each spring is confined to a separate zone. It is a significant development, allowing the springs to respond separately from each other as pressure is applied to the mattress. A pocket mattress conforms to the shape of your body by compressing individual springs, in a way that is very comfortable and great for the health. The whole mattress feels wonderfully springy, and the more springs that a mattress has, the more resilient it is. The spring assemblies can be padded with various materials (including polyurethane foam, high resilience foam, or latex foam) so that they fully retain the original shape.

Pocket mattress: a perfect choice for double beds

A pocket mattress is certainly a great solution for those who like things conservative. It is hugely popular for couples, since the springs separately respond to the load of the body, offering superior conformity to its shape. This means that two people sleeping on the same bed can enjoy great calm – the movement of one does not disturb the other, with the mattress cancelling out the vibrations almost completely. If one person is heavier, then the other one will not roll towards him or her. This model does not ‘sink’ under pressure, thanks to the pocket springs. If your partner is heavier than you, a pocket mattress is nothing short of a perfect choice. Another major benefit is that the mattress is easy to keep clean and hygienic, and without the feeling of overheating while sleeping on it, due to the optimum air circulation within the stuffing structure. King and queen sizes for couples aside, pocket mattresses are available for single beds too, and enjoy great reviews from their users.

Pros and cons of pocket mattresses

As each of the springs in a pocket mattress works separately, this type has many advantages. The point resilience prevents ‘wobbling’ in the bed, while optimising the distribution of the weight of your body. The spine, neck, hips and legs are excellently supported, to help them regenerate properly overnight. The structure fully conforms to and follows the anatomy of the spine, while the independent response of each spring to the load provides superior comfort for double beds, preventing one person from disturbing the sleep of the other. Pocket mattresses are very durable and may feature up to 7 different firmness zones, so it is a good idea to carefully select the perfect one for you. With so many advantages, it is difficult to find any ‘cons’. The potential cons are high pricing and a lower plasticity in comparison to latex or regular foam mattresses.
Pocket mattresses are certainly very popular. Customers appreciate their diversity and functionality, so you can be sure a pocket mattress will be an optimum choice for everyone.