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Bonnell spring mattresses


Everyone craves the best sleep possible, which a properly selected mattress can provide. The most popular choices are based on the Bonnell spring structure, an older solution which remains popular today. The essential part of a Bonnell spring mattress is the strong, well-designed ‘mesh’ comprising Bonnell springs, each tethered into a rigid, wire structure at the top and the bottom. The construction distributes the pressure from the body weight across the whole surface of the mattress. The strength of a Bonnell spring mattress depends on the springs, which are made from high-quality wire. The top and the bottom parts are lined with dedicated protective padding which prevent the springs from piercing the structure. Depending on the type padding, the mattress can feel harder or softer. The padding is often made from coconut fibres, felt, or foam. This makes Bonnell spring mattresses perfect both for those who like to sleep on hard beds and those who prefer softer ones. Yet another advantage is the high-quality fabric case, which protects the mattress against dirt, helping to keep it clean for longer.

Comfort at an affordable price

Bonnell spring mattresses are extremely popular, and their attractive pricing is a factor. While pocket mattresses are their successors, they still remain very popular among our customers. Polyurethane foam endows the entire structure of the mattress with stiffness and resistance to deformation. This type is recommended for allergy sufferers, for all the materials are fully organic. It provides a good level of hygiene thanks to the fabric laced with a polymer which inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, and mites. It is also well ventilated to keep the moisture out. The mattress is available in several sizes to ensure an easy match with the bed it has to fit. Bonnell spring mattresses are among the least expensive types on the market. The low pricing and the high level of comfort make it an excellent choice for everyone.

Pros and cons of Bonnell spring mattresses

Each mattress is specific in its pros and cons. The cons of a Bonnell spring mattress include low point resilience and, sometimes, undulation of the surface, which is why they are most recommended for single beds. If there are two people lying on one Bonnell spring mattress, each can feel the other as they change position. However, Bonnell spring mattresses have many pros, the low pricing and high overall resilience being the most significant ones. Another advantage is the uniform firmness of the mattress, a prerequisite for good support of the body and strain relief for the spine, together with low deformability. Bonnell spring mattresses are perfect on beds for children and teenagers. They are very popular choices for hotels and guest houses.