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The ELTAP upholstered furniture factory was established in 1993. Its founder was Leszek Dworak, who ran the company together with his wife until 2020, when the company changed its legal status to ELTAP Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. (a limited liability partnership) with the founder’s son joining as a partner. Over the years the company has grown into a well-known and valued brand in Polish and international markets. With 26 years of experience in the industry, backed by passion and a love for furniture making, the company is able to successfully supply even the most demanding of clients. Today, ELTAP specialises in the design and production of corner sofas, boxspring beds, couches, chairs, beds, mattresses, pouffes, and many other types of furniture. We have more than 180 employees and hiring more as we grow. We are a thriving company with a team of highly qualified specialists who make every effort to ensure that our furniture guarantees relaxation, lounging and sleeping in comfort, to the best satisfaction of customers across Europe.

While we cooperate with large corporations, we still value our quality relations with small Polish businesses. We can easily adapt to current market needs and ever-changing trends. This helps us to expand our portfolio of satisfied customers. We continue to grow, and our track record is summarised in the ELTAP in Figures tab of our official website. We do not keep our experience to ourselves, we love to share it on our blog. On the News page you can find the latest information about the company’s operations and events. We have prepared a FAQ for our customers, as a list of answers to frequently asked questions. We hope that it helps you to finding your way to the best decision.
By selecting our products, you are choosing timeless furniture that will last for many years. Only the quality they provide can help you build a perfect interior setting that suits your needs.


Superior quality furniture

We supply products that embody excellent aesthetic values, durability and functionality. These benefits originate from our high quality manufacturing processes. Since the very beginning, we have followed the latest global trends in the furniture industry, unique utility design and, above all, the expectations of our customers. We have a large selection of upholstery fabrics, faux leathers and accent materials (including wood and metal). This rich collection allows us create furniture for every design of interior. We believe that it is the spaces in which people choose to live that speak loud about them. The colour preferences, materials used, and the appearance and form of the furniture may reflect the aesthetic taste and personality of the owners. These features contribute greatly to the ambiance within our homes. We offer a range of products that are appealing no matter what your preferences in interiors or style, whether conservative classics or progressive modernity. We not only focus on the comfort of our customers, we care for the environment too.

The upholstered furniture from ELTAP is made of the best-in-class materials, which are processed using modern production technologies.


Products available throughout Europe

During the past 26 years, ELTAP, as an upholstered furniture manufacture, has reached out to thousands of companies, selling 70,000 pieces of furniture a year through 200 furniture showrooms all over Europe. Furniture from ELTAP is sold in over a dozen cities in Poland, through the most popular retail chains and highly acclaimed furniture stores. However, export destinations form a major share of our sales volume. Our products are available in many key foreign markets, including: Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Latvia, Russia, Belgium, Denmark, Romania, the United Kingdom, Croatia, Spain, Greece, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Slovenia, Ireland, Switzerland and Bulgaria.

All the furniture we present in our catalogue is brand-new and sold with a commercial warranty. We hope that thanks to our passion and experience, our company will continue to grow with every new project. We strive to provide a very wide selection of products so that everyone can find something perfect. Our furniture satisfies anyone seeking functionality, unique design and a great variety of pricing options. This is what inspires us, making us synonymous as a consumer-friendly and trusted brand.