Furniture vendors

Our vendors play a key role in our dynamic growth. They include the manufacturers and distributors of goods and the service providers who carry materials of superior quality for the production of ELTAP furniture. We regularly procure wood for our products, a stock material in great demand. We also purchase all types of upholstery supplies, and more. Our business is highly valued by large and small contractors, as well as private individuals, due to our core values.


Our values

Our core values in business are reliability and loyalty. Therefore, we want to build relations with each of our vendors based on trust and mutual respect. We are confident that this model of cooperation provides the best results. With it in place, we can deliver exactly what our customers expect: high quality products at attractive prices.


Guided by our attention to the quality of our products, we enforce strict rules for the qualification of our vendors. For us it is of key importance to collaborate on product development with the best business partners. We want to build the ELTAP brand with our business partners by the inclusion of vendors whom we qualify through clearly defined criteria, among which are:

  • Quality: the key to starting cooperation. We expect our vendors to provide products and services of superior quality.
  • Time: we cooperate with vendors who are flexible and do their business flexibly. We value those vendors who are capable of the timely fulfilment of our purchase orders and able to adapt quickly to changes on the market.
  • Innovation: modern design and progressive styling are a part of our strategy for growth. We expect our vendors to follow the same strategic tenets and remain open to innovative ideas. It is they who help us create innovative furniture.
  • Certification: we cooperate with vendors who have certificates and approvals for their business and the quality of their products.
  • Loyalty: we highly appreciate the willingness for long-term business cooperation and collaboration on the best solutions. We believe this is key to building a strong position in the furniture industry.


Let’s do business together

Continuous improvement is the most important thing for us, which is why we are willing to cooperate in new ways with those vendors whose business can benefit our growth. Cooperation with ELTAP is an opportunity for success in business with a brand renowned in Poland and abroad. If you would like to start working with us, contact us. Use the following contact form or go to the Contact page for details.