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Nolla pouffe

Nolla pouffe
Nolla pouffeMonolith 29 brązowy
Nolla pouffe
Nolla pouffe Monolith 29 brązowy
Nolla pouffe
Nolla pouffe Monolith 48 żółty
Nolla pouffe
Nolla pouffe Monolith 84 jasnoszary
Nolla pouffe
Nolla pouffe Monolith 77 granatowy

Nolla Pouffe
Nolla Pouffe - a real chameleon of style. One moment it becomes a footstool, and the next it's "disguised" as an improvised table or a spare seat. This square, upholstered, quilted pouffe is the perfect place to display magazines or as an extra seat when guests come over. The furniture is made of solid wood and furniture board and upholstered with fabrics from the Eltap collection. A wide range of colours of our fabrics will certainly make it easier to choose the most suitable pouffe for your interior.
Nolla Pouffe – minimalism and style are its hallmarks
The Nolla upholstered pouffe will add a contemporary yet classic touch to your living room, bedroom or hallway. Upholstered with fine fabric and fitted with a high-density HR foam seat, it can serve as the centrepiece and charming focal point of your living room, blending seamlessly with the main décor to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere you'll want to come back to at any time. The Nolla pouffe is also a helper in getting the comfort you deserve during rest, because it can also serve as a footstool. Then watching your favourite movies or reading books is certainly a more tempting proposition to spend a quiet afternoon. The Nolla pouffe is not only a comfortable addition, but also looks great, because it is decorated with charming quilts on the seat. This adds character and style to the entire piece of furniture, even if it seems that it is only a square measuring 40x40 centimetres. It turns out that it is a full-fledged piece of furniture that can bring a lot to the interior in which it will be placed.

Neat, square pouffe with quilting on the seat
Seat made of high quality HR foam
Available in a wide range of fabric colours from the ELTAP collection

Product width: 40 cm
Product depth: 40 cm
Product height: 41 cm
Leg height: 1 cm
Product weight: +/- 10 kg