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Canis Omega 68/ Soft 11 musztardowy/grafitowy
Available colors:
Canis Omega 68/ Soft 11 musztardowy/grafitowy
Canis Monolith 97/ Monolith 84 ciemnoszary/jasnoszary
Canis Monolith 29/ Monolith 09 brązowy/beżowy
Canis Berlin 03 / Soft 033 beżowy
Canis Sawana 05/ Soft 011 szary/czarny
Canis Monolith 09/ Monolith 29 beżowy/brązowy
King of the living room, i.e. a corner with a sleeping function!
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Canis corner sofa

A classic, sober piece of furniture or an expressive accent and the centrepiece for the living room? The Canis corner sofa is dedicated to anyone who prefers classic furnishings and unique furniture.


Canis corner sofa: bold simplicity

The Canis corner sofa combines a sturdy, proven construction with traditional design themes and modern features, like the upholstery available in many colour options, plus wooden legs as stylish accents. If you prefer sober, subdued accents and Scandinavian styling, you will love this for its standard colour palette that goes well with your other furnishings. But if you love progressive design, you can have this corner sofa in a combination of low-key shades with bold, contrasting ones.


Canis furniture: unparalleled levels of comfort

The seat is stuffed with Bonnell springs and lined with T25 foam, which are resilient, durable and reform to maximise your comfort. The wide cushions on the backrest enhance the accents. The simple lines of the sofa make it a design all-rounder, one to be loved by the most exacting customers who will settle for nothing but the best for their vital relaxation. Measuring 240x240x90 cm, it offers plenty of space in which to relax. The Canis corner sofa works well as an upholstered showpiece for your living room, and doubles equally well as a bed. The intuitive spring-action allows the sofa to be transformed quickly into the sleeping space, at the same time giving access to the spacious bedlinen storage. The Canis corner sofa is a great way to enjoy tour leisure time, the perfect spot to unwind after a hard day’s work.
Are you seeking to furnish your home with upholstered furniture that merges elegance, modern styling, simple lines and great comfort? The Canis corner sofa has it all, combined in a grand style.

Wooden legs
Available in a wide selection of colours
Wide cushions
Sleeper corner sofa
Spacious bedlinen storage

Corner sofa width: 235 cm
Corner sofa length: 235 cm
Height w/cushions: 90 cm
Height w/o cushions: 72 cm
Seat cushion depth: 58 cm
Mattress height: 40 cm
Sleeping surface: 195x135 cm