LED continental beds


LED boxsprings

The LED boxspring bed is one from the latest collection, where robust timber meets the latest selection of fabrics. The construction of the bed ensures that the mattress remains very stable, ensuring a good night’s rest no matter what your body size or weight. The bed is incredibly comfortable and convenient to use, a perfect place to rest and relax. The tall frame keeps the styling very refined and functional. The headboard can double as a backrest, allowing you to recline for a good read before dropping off to sleep. This bed helps fit out the bedroom of your dreams to achieve a feeling nothing short of what you should experience in the best hotels. This extremely comfortable bed features LED lights for a stunning effect in the bedroom. Tasteful styling and this modern touch aside, the bed does exactly what you expect: provides a place for healthy sleep, a key factor in maintaining our sense of well-being. The upholstered boxspring bed goes very well with modern and classic interiors.

A modern bed with LEDs

The LED lights installed in this bed help make it wildly popular. The LEDs located underneath the bottom edges of the frame provide a great visual accent. With selectable LED light colours, this feature works well in every room. The wide palette of colours help you choose the best version for the colour of your walls so it blends perfectly with every bedroom setting. The bed can also double as a night lamp, casting a dimmed and subtle light. With the LEDs turned on, a romantic ambiance is guaranteed. Another advantage of LED lights is that they are easy on the electricity bills, being more energy efficient than conventional filament bulbs and harmless to the bed’s structure, since they do not heat up much. All these features make this modern bed with LED lights a great match for any bedroom, creating a special atmosphere. Every detail of the bed is manufactured with due care, with the latest production processes and materials of first-class quality. This is why LED boxspring beds are becoming increasingly popular in modern bedrooms.

Indulge yourself, with a little bit of luxury

ELTAP manufactures LED boxspring beds that are superior in convenience and quality of sleep. The height of the mattress above the floor is greater than with standard beds. This makes it very easy to sit on the edge of the bed and to get up in a single, easy to perform motion. The tall headboard enhances the potential by providing great support for the spine while sitting or reclining on the bed. The benefits and the attractive pricing means everyone can afford a little bit of luxury that helps make their bedrooms unique.