Why us?

ELTAP is a manufacturer of upholstered furniture offering a wide selection of furniture for the whole home. We strive to follow the continually-changing, ever-new trends while expanding our product portfolio. What motivates us most is the satisfaction of our customers, who understand the true value of our products.

Decades of experience
ELTAP has been in business since 1993. We have been manufacturing furniture of superior quality for 26 years. The primary drivers of our success are experience and proprietary concepts.


Continuous growth
We are among the fastest-growing furniture makers in Poland. The know-how we accumulate is expanded with new ideas and experiences. We keep raising the bar for ourselves.

A competent team
We support the job market in Poland, employing over 180 people. Our team includes the best specialists, who actively contribute to the business and the creation of unique products for you. It is their unfailing commitment and creativity which drive us to change and grow. We celebrate our successes and own our failures as a team. This philosophy is highly valued by our business partners and customers.

We work with the best
We maintain great partnership relationships with many businesses and people, who together help us build the ELTAP brand. We continue to expand our chain of sales partners and vendors in Poland and abroad.

Superior quality products
We make first-class furniture using the best materials, merging them with the latest technologies to achieve products which still look great after many years of use.

Extensive manufacturing resources
Our company possesses extensive manufacturing resources, selected and intended for the production of superior quality furniture. With our modern manufacturing processes, we launch new products highly acclaimed by our customers. We pay great attention to every detail of our products, down to the last millimetre, turning the creativity of our designers into reality.

The latest in design
By following the latest trends in design along with the taste and expectations of our customers, we work with designers to develop genuine, proprietary creations which merge refinement with high functionality. Our unique furniture is the result of innovative concepts, the selection of attractive colours, and first-class quality in materials.

High functionality
Already at the conceptual and design engineering stages of each new product, we do everything so that our furniture ensures high functionality and freedom of installation in the homes of our customers. This is why the hallmarks of our furniture include attractive, highly functional solutions to ensure great convenience and optimisation of your usable space at home.

Attractive pricing
We understand that every product with the right quality, unique styling, and superior performance must be offered at an affordable price. We strive to provide you with high-class, refined furniture with a price tag you still find very reasonable.

Satisfaction guaranteed
All the furniture we make is sold with a suitable warranty. Our warranty options cover all manufacturing defects discovered during the use of the furniture.

Furniture in stock
Our furniture is available as stock in many outlets in Poland and abroad. We work with over 200 retail stores in Europe.

We aim to satisfy our customers
There is nothing better for the business than satisfied customers. Customer satisfaction is what we value the most and we are happy when customers endorse our products. All in all, it is they for whom ELTAP furniture is made. We do everything for you to enjoy our products for many years.