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What is a wingback armchair? Discover its advantages and application!

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What is a wingback armchair? Discover its advantages and application!
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There's no denying that wingback armchair ignites emotions. The impressive shape, unusual form and original design make it a proposal that is impossible to pass by indifferently. Many have sincere love for it, and some can't even look at it. But how is it really? Read our article and get to know the wingback armchair from the inside out: its advantages and how to use it!

Is a wingback armchair comfortable? Discover its advantages!
The first thing that catches the eye when we look at  wingback armchair is its spreading body and unusual shape. The massive body mounted on four elegant legs tempts with its large size, promising unforgettable softness. However, it is not clumsy at the same time, on the contrary! It impresses with its exceptional shapeliness, which makes it a desirable decoration in any interior. Then we will see cute wings, the so-called wings. This is where the name of this type of furniture comes from.

But how is the wingback different from traditional armchairs? Is there anything it's better at than them? Check with us!

Supports the spine
Convenience is the biggest advantage of this type of products. The spacious seat and gently contoured backrest finished with characteristic wings together make the piece of furniture able to gently wrap your body. It also properly supports its natural curves, giving you the opportunity to gain - and maintain! - correct posture. Thanks to this, you will relax properly, and the tension accumulated in the muscles will quickly leave you. No wonder that it is a real must have in every coffee corner. 

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Supports the neck
The charming wing finish, typical for a wingback armchair, means that when we sit on the armchair, we are protected from both sides. This piece of furniture is therefore able to provide the sense of intimacy necessary for proper relaxation and cut you off from most distracting stimuli. In addition, the backrest is high enough to end well above your head. The risk of pain or stiffness in the neck and cervical spine has therefore been effectively eliminated here. 

Protects against cold
The large, curved backrest will effectively protect you from drafts, even if you are sitting between the open window and the door ajar. The wide surface also favours heat retention. Thanks to this, it does not evaporate too quickly and provides a pleasant experience on cool, autumn and winter evenings. Especially if you reach for a blanket and a cup of hot tea.

It doesn't wobble
Shapely legs are more than a stylish decoration. It is also a way to provide a massive armchair with high stability. Thanks to it, it does not move and does not wobble during everyday use. Even when you decide to put it on the carpet! To increase the aesthetic value, the legs can be covered with decorations or be embossed: then we are dealing with models inspired by the glamor style. Straight, pointed legs are usually reserved for Scandinavian wingback armchairs. 

Aros Wingback Armchair

What to do with a wingback armchair?
The wingback armchair is a truly universal proposition that will gracefully deal with any challenge you put in front of it. A wide range of fabrics from the ELTAP collection and a multitude of furniture shapes make it easy for you to find your ideal. And you will match it to your apartment! However, if you are still not convinced, then get to know the most interesting, in our opinion, applications of the wingback armchair. 

Want to rest? Only in a wingback armchair!
Imagine the following situation. You finish your work when it is already dark outside the windows. You slowly make your way through the jam-packed city, filled with melting, gray snow, and you dream of nothing but that the heating in your car will finally stop failing. Finally, you reach your apartment, and there you are greeted by a winged armchair standing by the radiator! There is nothing more pleasant than sinking into its soft surface. You will quickly feel how your irritation passes, and your mood definitely improves!

If you place your wingback armchair in a seating area, you can relax with friends and family. Together you will be able to watch your favorite movie or exchange the latest gossip over a cup of aromatic coffee.

Telework work from a wingback armchair
More and more people are now working from their home. Therefore, be sure to consider conjuring up a comfortable corner in the privacy of your home that will allow you to catch a breath during intensive performance of duties. Add a charming footstool to the furniture to further enhance the feeling of rest and say goodbye to fatigue for good.

Also think about how impressive the wide wingback armchair will be when you sit on it and join a virtual meeting with colleagues or clients. You will undoubtedly make a positive and professional impression on them, which will positively affect your employee image! 

A children's room with a wingback armchair, i.e. a new approach to proven solutions!
Fashionable wingback armchairs are an unobvious, and at the same time extremely comfortable, addition to a children's room. Due to the wide range of colors and patterns, you can easily match this furniture to the interior decor, thus satisfying the requirements of the youngest member of the household.

Red, yellow, green or blue wingback armchairs are a great way to enliven a child's space. On the other hand, more subdued colors will make the product an interesting base, to which you can easily match other cheerful accessories. When the toddler grows up a bit, the gray wingback armchair will certainly become part of his/her teenage arrangement.

A wingback armchair instead of a bed?
We know that nothing beats a continental bed in terms of sleeping comfort, but who of us has never fallen asleep in an armchair while watching a series or a match? Well, there are certainly many such sleepers among us. So why not give yourself a wingback armchair, where an afternoon nap or post-dinner relaxation will become even more pleasant?

A wingback armchair from the ELTAP collection is also a great gift for an elderly person! Elderly people love to take a nap sitting down, so be sure to take care of the safety of their spines - reach for a wingback armchair! The wide, profiled backrest and considerable height make sitting in one position for a long time completely safe for every user! Remember to match the right footstool to the furniture to enhance its beneficial properties.

A wingback armchair for a nursing mother
A new mother needs special care. Her body is exhausted after a demanding birth, as well as the need to provide the baby with the right amount of food. Therefore, make sure that your beloved is provided with a sufficiently high level of comfort during breastfeeding by choosing a wingback armchair.

The comfort of this piece of furniture means that mom - and dad - can sit on it properly to not only feed the toddler, but also lull him to sleep, read him a book or simply hold him in his arms. Remember that it will be a good idea to use the highest quality functional fabrics. They will guarantee the ease of keeping the furniture clean. Thanks to this, you will not have to stress that the material will be destroyed when something spills or a small accident happens to your toddler.