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Pastel bedroom

Pastel shades are the style that reigns in our living rooms or bedrooms for many seasons. Pastels are a whole range of colours that have been lightened with white colour. Pastel tones add subtlety and delicacy to the interior, give character and elegance. Such colours also look very light, which means that they are most often used in bedrooms, living rooms or children's rooms. They brighten up the interior and create a unique charm for a bit of rest and relaxation.

We have a new favorite colour scheme when it comes to bedroom decor. Pastel bedrooms are making a comeback, showing that these cheerful shades go well beyond the children's room. Pastel colours are easy to blend in, and in addition go well with both wooden shades and white furniture. They also create an extremely soothing setup that is crucial when designing a sleeping space.

Whether you fancy light green, blue, pink, or something else entirely (don't underestimate the stylish power of peach after all!), we've got plenty of inspiration for you to decorate your own pastel bedroom. Introduce this colour scheme gradually in the form of artwork or bedding, or make a big impact with an accent wall, sofa or colourful accent on the ceiling. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, there is room for a dose of pastels in your space.