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A comfortable pouffe for special tasks

Looking for a comfortable seat you can move as you wish? Your choice should be a pouffe. Or yet a better choice - buy several pouffes to arrange them all around your home! This type of furniture is versatile enough – it can be used as a soft seat, foot rest or an even a small table. If you are interested in buying a super functional piece of furniture which will be perfect in almost each room, you ought to know the following.


What is a pouffe?

A pouffe is a soft, light floor seat, resembling a large, round cushion. It can also resemble a footrest for being usually small and can serve several purposes. But there is one difference – footrests are generally smaller than pouffes and are not provided with legs or storage options. In the case of pouffes, it may happen that they are provided with special, hidden containers.

In most cases pouffes are used as additional places to sit on; therefore, it is no problem arranging several pouffes around a coffee table in the living room. They will need less space than typical armchairs and their height can be easily adapted to the table’s height. There are also those who use pouffes as a place to rest their feet on while sitting on a couch, whereas others will use them as small tables. Of course, you can use your pouffe in any way said, and so, on one day your pouffe may serve as a place to sit on, and next day it may turn into a small table. Of course, it is up to you to choose your option!


Pouffes are very practical items in the decor. This is mainly because:

  1. They are versatile
  2. They suit each room
  3. They may blend in your design, make it distinctive or complement it.

Did you ever consider buying a pouffe for your home, but you were not thoroughly convinced what you might do with it? If so, let us take a closer look at why they are so useful in a design

Versatility of pouffes

Pouffes are versatile accessories which can easily combine pieces of furniture in a room. Pouffes are exceptional since their workmanship is solid, and simultaneously soft and comfortable, and in consequence, they can be used in many ways. Pouffes may serve as chairs, footrests or extra table tops according to their location.

Another exceptional feature is that they are usually combined with other items of a living room suite. Pouffes are not intended to replace other items of furniture, like sometimes in the case of ottomans. They have been designed as accessories to be combined with various things in your space; thus, they will not remove the existing items of furniture, but they will complement them.


How to choose a suitable pouffe for your home?

For their versatility, it is no wonder that pouffes have various forms, styles or sizes. You would choose one or more functions you look for in this item of furniture. For example, if you need an extra seat in front of a TV set, you may select a larger, soft pouffe which will allow you to have a comfortable rest as soon as you have sat down on it. If you think you will use it as an extra table - you will need a harder pouffe, stable enough to hold objects you placed on its surface.

Now when you know how hard or soft your pouffe should be, it’s high time you chose the color and fabric. Consider in which room your pouffe is to be used most often, then select the shade and design that will match other items of decor. While choosing a pouffe fabric, bear in mind the room style. If you intend to place a pouffe in a living room which is not used very much every day, you are likely to fix on a fabric you like most. Instead, if you know that your pouffe will be used by kids or pets on a regular basis, perhaps it would be advisable to choose a fabric easy to be cleaned or which is hydrophobic (i.e. water-resistant fabric).

Various shapes and sizes

Although pouffes are relatively small, they may complicate the design, if not selected adequately. Since pouffes constitute accessories, yet more important is that they should literally be adapted to the present decor. If your pouffe is too large in relation to the space in which it is to be arranged, it may look clumsy and artificial, which is actually the exact opposite of what such an accessory should look like.

So as to find an adequate shape and size for your pouffe, take a look at the space from different areas. Pay attention also to the corners in the room – perhaps they will be a good option for a pouffe or even several ones

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Pouffes may either blend in or be distinctive

The pouffes are not only versatile. They are also multifaceted in their actual construction. Irrespective of your sense of style, there are pouffes designed in a way which will perfectly match it. If you need a modern pouffe, you may find it in may colors and weaves. If you are interested more in raw materials, pouffes can be made of leather, suede, velour, plaits and other. Pouffes can also have various colors of fabrics, and in consequence, they may blend in your set of colors or constitute a real asset and add a modicum of color to the space.

Pouffes are a wonderful an exceptional accessory which may combine your room and the design. And when it’s time to find a pouffe suitable for your home, make sure you will find the best shape, size and color to complement your design and to combine all into a whole.